20 Facts About Me!

Just a quick list, not too much chatter but a lot of stuff about me!

  1. I am the biggest scaredy cat ever but I’m also fascinated by horror films, books, TV shows, anything. Resulting in me sleeping with the lights on or refusing to stay anywhere on my own.
  2. I love watching films. I feel like i spend half of my life (and money) watching films. Netflix, cinema trips, catching the last 20 minutes on TV, i don’t care. I just really love being able to sink into a different world and be carried away by the story.
  3. I used to collect china dolls. Now, after telling you how much of a wimp i am, thats probably kind of surprising. As a kid i had 2 shelves the full width of my room housing around 50 different china dolls. I loved them all very much and they were all called Charlotte.
  4. My favourite smell is white musk perfume because its what my mum has always worn so its super safe and warm to me.
  5. I can play the guitar, Ukulele, African drums and a tiny bit of keyboard.
  6. The best night of my life is the night i saw the Foo Fighters live. I was literally stood no more than six foot away from Dave Grohl at one point and i thought i was going to collapse.
  7. I spend most days in my PJ’s. If i don’t have to go out i will not get changed.
  8. The only games i like are Minecraft and Skyrim and honestly, the only reason i like Skyrim is because it makes me feel like I’m in middle earth.
  9. I have multiple tattoos planned and eventually want at least one full sleeve. The only thing holding me back is money!
  10. I have my DVDs organised by actor or director. For example, on my top shelf the first lot of DVDs are all directed by Peter Jackson, then all the ones with Martin Freeman in, then Benedict Cumberbatch, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, so on and so forth.
  11. Nothing annoys me like when someone moves my DVDs around. ‘Black Sheep’ goes on top of the Peter Jackson films but UNDER the Orlando Bloom films, god.
  12. I have literally about 5 outfits that i wear despite owning many other clothes. These are outfits that make me feel good and i pretty much hate all my other clothes but can’t afford a new wardrobe.
  13. Speaking of a new wardrobe, one of my favourite things to do is go onto my favourite shops online, add everything i could ever want to my basket, look at the price and then just remove it all from my basket and go back to whatever i was doing.
  14. I’m a wee bit pretentious and would really love to just spend a night stargazing and talking about life with someone i love. Possibly on a beach. Maybe with champagne or some other alcohol.
  15. I am a super messy person. I can’t keep anything tidy for more than a few hours and it drives anyone around me insane. Hell, it drives me insane!
  16. Ringo Starr is my favourite Beatle. I love him, he is perfect and if you disagree you are wrong.
  17. The drummer is pretty much always my favourite member of any band.
  18. If i go to the beach i HAVE to go out for a paddle. This might not sound to extreme but when i lived in Denmark the sea had literally frozen over. People were actually ice skating on it. I found a little broken bit to dip my feet in for a mini paddle while my parents looked on fearing i had lost my mind.
  19. As a kid my brothers pulled a lot of really horrible pranks on me, things like putting an egg timer under my bed and telling me it was one of the clock work monsters from Doctor Who and leaving me terrified on the bed for 35 minutes until the alarm went off and i realised what it was or waiting for me at the top of the landing in the dark and jumping out, scaring me so bad that i fell back down the stairs more than once. This has resulted in me never ever being able to trust them and being super suspicious every time i stay at my mums.
  20. The Mummy and The Mummy Returns are, in my opinion, the best films that have ever been made and i can watch them over and over and over and never get bored of them because they are perfect.



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