My Proudest Moment

The thing with todays blog post is that i don’t have a proudest moment. There are a lot of things i’m proud of, I’m proud of my blog, i was really very proud of myself when i finished writing my first novel, when i moved into my own place and managed to actually keep it clean and tidy, I’m proud of my youtube videos, I’m proud of the songs I’ve written. Im proud of a lot of other stuff too but theres no way i can pin-point the moment I’ve been most proud of something.

On the less selfish side of this, I’m proud of my brothers for looking after my mum so much after me and my dad moved out, I’m proud of how strong my mum has been these last few years, I’m proud of Richard for working so hard on a job he isn’t too keen on while also trying to make a career of his music, I’m proud of my dad for all the amazing things he accomplished in his life like going to Africa to hand out clean water to those who didn’t have any and building up his own business from the ground. Again though, i can’t pin-point any moment when i was really the most proud of anything.

I wish i could pin-point one, it’d definitely make this blog post a lot more interesting but i try to always be honest to everyone who reads this so I’m not going to lie to you all for the sake of being interesting. I hope you enjoyed reading this to some degree anyway and, if nothing else, you’ve been able to get to know me a little better!



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