10 Best Things About Spring

  1. Its starting to get warmer! No more jumpers, boots or extra thick socks required!
  2. Thanks to the nicer weather there are more places to go on day trips, suddenly walks through woods and along beaches are possible without ending up with blue fingers and there are more places open, like funfairs and arcades.
  3. Bright colours are everywhere! Flowers are blooming, peoples wardrobes brighten up and theres more sunlight to illuminate it all.
  4. Its the perfect time for a fresh start, its when all the trees are starting again and you can too.
  5. Spring cleaning may not be super fun but its super satisfying to sit down with a cuppa afterwards and know that your flat/house/room is completely clean and perfect.
  6. Fruit and veg is cheaper thanks to being in season so you save money while eating delicious food. Strawberries are my favourite things ever so maybe thats just me.
  7. I don’t know about anyone else but i feel like spring is when relationships become stronger, you can do more together, the weather is nicer which likely makes you both feel a bit better and for many people theres the opportunity to go on holiday together.
  8. All the little baby sheep that you see in fields. Sheep are my favourite none pet animal and seeing all the little lambs in the fields makes me want to cry because they’re literally too cute for me to handle.
  9. Most of my friends like kind of far away but spring break is when i get to see a lot of them. The weather is at the very least okay, there are exams looming that mean they want a break and everyones recovered from spending all their money at christmas.
  10. Finally, i know this is a bit of a cop out but just spring its self. The feeling of walking along the street and just knowing that its spring feels great.




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