Things I’m Grateful For

I’m the kind of person who takes a lot of things for granted, and I’m trying to change that by realised how lucky i am to live the life i have. Of course, i still have problems and face challenges just like everyone does and obviously they’re not problems not like not having access to clean water or food or the like, but they’re still my problems and they matter to me. Anyway, i thought i’d just write a short post about some of the things I’m grateful for and i’d really love it if you told me some things you’re grateful for in the comments!

I have a home. Yes, we have some broken windows and peeling paint and our boilers a bit dodgy but i have a home that is warm and comfortable that protects me from whatever is going on outside (Currently a lot of rain) and its has everything i need from a tap that gives me clean, drinkable water (another thing I’m grateful for) and we have a bathroom, which is a strange thing to be grateful for but i hate public bathrooms so I’m quite a fan of it when i think about it.

I have a great boyfriend. We argue and have rough patches but at the end of the day i know he loves me and is there for me when i need him and I’m extremely grateful for that, and I’m grateful that i also get the chance to be there for him and support and love him.

I have an amazing family. Again, i have many, many arguments with my brothers but my relationship with my mum is brilliant and, as annoying as they are, i know my brothers would drop anything if i needed them.

I have my kitties. Sure, they’re ‘just’ cats, but who else will lick my eyelids and scratch at my armpits while i try to sleep? They make me smile many times a day, they sit with me pretty much constantly (which i wasn’t so grateful for a few weeks ago when it was boiling hot) and they’re just so bloody cute and lovely and I’m so grateful to have gotten two cats with such adorable, loving personalities.

I have money. I’m not rich, not even close (cus thats my boyfriend. Get it? His name is Richard.) but i can afford my rent and food and all my essentials and still have a little left over to get myself something nice. Usually pizza if we’re going to be honest.

I had a free education. Sure, i dropped out of college but i learnt how to read, write, do maths, i learnt a lot from high school and after reading ‘I Am Malala’ (Review Here) i realised how lucky i was to have grown up in the UK where i never had to fight for an education. I even had the luxury of trying to fight my parents NOT to go, though i never won, which I’m grateful for now.

Finally, i’m grateful for my health. My mental health is a bit bleh and losing some weight wouldn’t hurt me but over all, i am healthy. I can run and jump and do just about anything i want my body to do without having to think about how it’ll make me feel in the future or whether or not I’m limited to not doing that thing.



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