Hello June

June is here! Its getting hotter and the blue skies seem to be here to stay for a while, touch wood. With the start of a new month i’ve decided to set a few goals for the coming month. They’re not going to be too rigid so that i don’t feel like a complete failure if i don’t manage to meet any of them, and hopefully they’ll help me to be a lot more productive since I’ve let a lot of things slide in May.

First, I’m going to be trying to blog more as well as upload more youtube videos. I really love writing of all forms and in May writing stories on reddit’s no sleep has been keeping me away from blogging. In June i want to be a lot more regular with blogs and post at the very least twice a week, as well as posting a youtube video at least once a week.

Second i want to start working out more again. I really enjoy yoga when I’m actually doing it but forcing myself to put on some leggings and roll out my mat is a lot less enjoyable. I don’t have any huge exercise goals but i’d like to start doing yoga two or three times a week again since it helps me to feel better about myself and also aids in keeping my mental health a little more stable.

Next, i want to spend more time around people. Be it my mum, brother or boyfriend i’d like to hang out with people a little more and be a bit more sociable.

Finally i want to get out more. I don’t care if that means walking around the area i live in or getting the train somewhere a bit nicer, id like to just get out and get a bit more fresh air.

Do you have any goals for the coming month? If you do i’d love to hear about them in the comments!



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