TV Favourites

I watched a whole bunch of TV shows in May and found a lot of new favourites that i absolutely adored and am still trying to convince (force) all my family and friends to watch them, and you too!

The first is Daria, which i have no stopped quoting and i honestly almost cried when i finished it, especially since i thought there were eight series and theres actually only five! The show basically follows Daria Morgendorffer, your typical moody and sarcastic 90’s teen, through her years at Lawndale high school. Some of the other main characters are Quinn, Jane, Trent and Tom, all of whom are completely loveable in so many different ways. Also, Dave Grohl has a part in one of the films and i totally died. Its funny, witty and at times says the deepest shit, the kind of stuff that makes you pause it for a second and just sit there thinking ‘Curse word’.

Next we have American Horror Story. I watched the first 3 series a while back but have only just gotten round to watching freak show all the way through rather than an episode here and there, usually in the wrong order. I really enjoyed freak show, and all the other series. The characters are all really interesting and you get really attached to all of them, for better or for worse. Its also the first series that has a super clear and obvious link to the first series, though i won’t spoil it incase you’ve not watched it yet. I think its probably the least scary series but i think it definitely has the most interesting characters.

House. House has been a long time favourite for me but its only in May that I’ve gotten really into it again and I’m really close to finishing it, I’m almost half way through series 8 and i don’t want it to end! I’m watching it with my boyfriend so I’m not allowed to steam through it, though I’ve wanted to! This isn’t your typical hospital show, its incredible. The actors, writing, characters, effects, everything about it is perfect and I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t like it. The entire show is a whirlwind of emotion i didn’t expect and every character is my favourite (apart from Cameron. I hated her.).

Finally, Charmed. I watched this as a kid but went into it only remembering a few episodes. I’m only part way series 3 but gosh, i adore it. Its cheesy, sometimes scary, has romantic aspects and forbidden love, very attractive people in a small amount of clothing (males and females!) its got a hell of a lot of girl power and some awful 90’s hair/fashion/life choices. Its a really funny, endearing show that really sucks you in and its as good today as it was when i was a kid, unlike George of the Jungle which i watched recently.

Let me know your favourite shows in the comments, I’m always looking for more things to spend weeks watching rather than doing people things like eating something that isn’t pizza or showering.





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