Spontaneity is something I’m not very good at, I like to have plans and time to prepare rather than diving out into the world on a whim. I’m the kind of person who keeps a strict shopping list and is always at least five minutes early for anything so, being completely honest here, spontaneity scares me. 

It’s because it scares me I’ve been trying to be more spontaneous. Nothing huge, things like meeting my boyfriend from work and then ordering pizza to a random bit of grass by the Mersey (more romantic than it sounds) or going on a night out and ending up smoking and eating McDonald’s in an abandoned building.

 It sounds mad that those things scare me but they really do. The prospect of people looking or staring at me, or thinking I’m weird is, at worse, enough to give me an anxiety attack. So these small things are not only me being more spontaneous and braver, they’re also me fighting against my anxiety and being able to spend strangely special moments with Rich, which is only making our relationship stronger. 

What kind of spontaneous things do you like to do? 


4 thoughts on “Spontaneity 

  1. I’ve always struggled with spontaneity as well, so you are not alone! Even when it’s something really exciting I like to know what’s happening in advance and be prepared. Well done for stepping out of your comfort zone and trying small things – I think that is the best way to embrace spontaneity there is!


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