Clearing Out Clothes

I love clothes. I love buying new clothes, wearing new clothes, borrowing clothes off my mum and never giving them back. What i don’t love so much, is my wardrobe being full of clothes i never wear, making it more difficult to find the clothes i actually wear. Below, you can see what my wardrobe looked like before i cleared out. Just looking at that picture i can see at least three dressed i hadn’t worn for over a year along with a jumper and a shirt i hadn’t worn since i bought them.IMG_472d2 (2)And this one below was the state of my chest of drawers. Clothes were just thrown in there, usually by Richard since i usually do attempt to fold them. Looking at this picture i can see at least 3 t-shirts belonging to Rich, but he loves telling me he doesn’t have any clean clothes. YES YOU DO!!! And now he might actually be able to find them.IMG_4725The pile you can see below is all the clothes i either don’t like or don’t wear. A coat i haven’t worn since christmas of 2015, a onesie that is at least five inches too short for me and rode up certain places i didn’t need fleece to go, and many, many other pieces.

I know that when you’re about to start clearing out your wardrobe its hard to know where to start so i always take it bit by bit. I’ll start with my dresses. I’m not a girl that wears a lot of dresses so i’ve only kept five. Two very comfy casual dresses, a party dress, a date dress and the dress i wore when i first met Rich, which really i should get rid of because its way too short now but it has that sentimental value. Then i move onto skirts, i kept three. One really pretty summer one, a black circle skirt and a grey pencil skirt that i’ve only ever worn to job interviews.

IMG_4728 (1)

I kept going through bit by bit just like that (with a tea break or two in between) until everything i didn’t like or didn’t wear was on the bed. Then came the most vital time in a clear out, and i wanted to avoid it. Rather than bag everything up myself and end up with half of it sneaking back into my drawers i got Rich to bag it all up for me. I would really advise getting someone else to bag it up or i can guarantee at least a few things will wriggle their way back and you’ll end up never getting rid of them.

IMG_4730 (1)Then i just organised everything. We went from every drawer being stuffed full and barely able to close as well as the wardrobe not having any more space AND a full washing basket of clean clothes with no where to go to having two (Yes, an entire TWO) spare hangers and one drawer half empty. I think it may be a miracle.

This, i think, is the easiest way to clear out and get rid of stuff but if you have any tips, i’d love to hear them because i know i have SO much more i need to get rid of!



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