Buddy Box (June)

I got my buddy box this morning, which is a bit later than usual but i really appreciate that since i woke up to new i was hoping i wouldn’t hear. The Blurt Foundation is something i’ve spoken about before because i think its doing a great job at de-stigmatising mental health, specifically depression. I won’t go all into it now but if you click here, you can go and have a nose at their website. Anyway, not onto what came in this months box!IMG_4734I’m going to start out with the badge you can see in the middle of the above photo, purely because i didn’t manage to get a picture of it in focus. I love badges and this bright little bird one is sure to make it onto my backpack, its super sweet and lovely for summer, plus yellow is one of those colours that make me happy just looking at them. IMG_4737One thing i love about Blurts Buddy Boxes is that they actually do really help my depression. I think every box i’ve had has had tea or hot chocolate in it and some sort of pamper item. This time i got mint green tea, which I’ve never tried before since i don’t usually enjoy green tea but this is lovely! The ‘pamper’ item is these cooling eye pads that give you panda eyes while you wear them! I think they’re adorable, though its a shame i can’t see how they look on. IMG_4736This is the item that excited me a lot. Not the pen, though thats great, but this book. Each ‘page’ is plain note paper that folds out of an envelope for you to write on and then fold back up and seal before writing the date you wrote it and the date you’re going to open it. I was looking at this in Waterstones months ago but couldn’t afford the £12.99 price tag so I’m super excited to get started on this, i may even do each letter in a different colour thanks to this pen!



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