Netflix Favourites June

Everyone who knows me knows i love Netflix. I adore Netflix. I spend way, way, way too much time on Netflix because i spend most days on my own and i love throwing on a show on my laptop or iPad while i potter around the house doing whatever needs to be done, usually picking Richards dirty socks up off my living room floor (please start picking them up your self Rich!!!). Anyway, i thought it’d be fun to share what i’ve been enjoying on Netflix this month since i found and finished a lot of shows and films that i love and want to share.

First of all, i found Rik Mayall this month. I don’t know how i didn’t know who he was before now because he is honestly the funniest person I’ve ever watched and everything I’ve watched with him in so far has been perfect. The first was Drop Dead Fred, which is my new favourite films ever and i intend to get a tattoo inspired by it some time in the next few weeks, but that will be another post. Richard convinced me to watch it and i put up a lot of protests along the lines of “But it looks so stupid!” but he eventually won and we watched it. I might have watched it a few times a week for the entirety of this month. It is stupid, i was right, but its stupid in all the right ways and it gives me those proper belly laughs that everyone loves. Its also emotional, sweet and has a lot of really good messages in it considering the main character, Elizabeth, is in a mentally abusive relationship and the entire film is her finding the strength to remove herself from it. I think its a must watch for everyone.

Carrying on with the Rik Mayall theme, i watched Bottom. Again, its completely stupid in all the right ways and him and Ade Edmondson are just perfect together. Its slapstick comedy with terrible sound effects and a lot of penis jokes, and i know I’m making it sound terrible but its honestly hilarious and another must watch.

Straying slightly away from Rik Mayall, though not too far since it has Hugh Laurie in, is The Oranges. I wasn’t sure what to expect when i put this on but i loved it. Its a big step away from those mentioned above since its a romance. The story is basically of these two families who are best friends and Hugh Laurie ends up dating the other families daughter, who is the same age as his daughter and used to be her best friend. Its absolutely adorable and, as someone who loves Hugh Laurie, i loved seeing all his soft loved up faces that are lacking when he’s that arse hole House.

See how i did that little side step onto House? Thats because i finished House this month. Every episode of all eight series in chronological order. Me and Rich watched the entire thing together and its taken us around a year and a half. I honestly can’t believe its over. I’m not usually one to enjoy medical dramas but i really have a special place in my heart for House. Through out the show there have been many laughs, tears (oh so many) and moments of screaming “WHAT IS HE DOING?!?!?” at the TV and though its a long one to get invested in, its incredible and its one of those shows i shove into peoples faces whispering “you need to watch this now”.

Moving away from British actors who work together, we come to Orange is the New Black. I’ve been watching this since it was first put onto Netflix and, though its not my favourite show ever, i do really enjoy watching it and am very addicted to the characters. Series four was uploaded this month and i watched it pretty quickly. I think this was one of the most emotional series yet for me, though i won’t say why to avoid spoilers and to make you watch it! I love the diversity of the cast and i love the fact that in scenes set in places like the showers you see real women in the back ground. By that, i don’t mean there aren’t any thin women with great bodies, there are, but theres literally every body type completely starkers in the back ground which i really appreciate.

The Fundamentals of Caring is a film that was added this month that i really, really enjoyed. Its one of those films i only watched because it had an actor i like in it (I call him ‘Robin out of Young Dracula’ if anyone remembers that show, though he’s also in Submarine which is a bit more popular) and i was really pleasantly surprised by how good it was. The story is basically about a teenager who has muscular dystrophy and stays very much in routine until his new carer forces him to break out of it and actually live his life. Thats made it sound very emotional and, though there are emotional parts, its mostly really funny and uplifting.

So, there we go. Thats what i’ve been enjoying on Netflix this month. Please feel free to leave me any suggestions in the comments, I’m always on the look out for new things to watch!



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