Make the Future London

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Make the Future London is a new web series on Channel Four that I’m slightly in love with.  The shortest explanation for what it is, is three people open a mystery box that contains some sort of innovation in energy and they come up with a way for it to actually be used. I love this because I think we all know that new sustainable energy sources are really important and need to be put into practice soon, and this shows some ways in which that might actually happen.

For a slightly longer explanation, the show is about ‘reverse engineering’, which is where people take something apart to either duplicate or, as is the case in the web series, improve it. This web series is presented by Jamie Laing, Rachel Riley and Alex Brooker and its them that do the taking apart and re-imagining of the items in the ‘mystery box’. I find it really interesting especially because we are shown their brainstorming process that brings them to the final product, which are always things I can easily imagine being used in everyday life.

I think that one of the best things about this web series is that it has appeal to almost everyone. Usually me and my boyfriend have very different tastes in what we watch, but we both enjoy watching this because its just so incredibly interesting to get a first look at things that could easily be used in every day life in the future. For example, in the video embedded above their final product would involve energy being produced just by people walking up some stairs. I don’t know about anyone else but Iwouldn’t be surprised to see that in places like schools and train stations at some point in the future.

This really is how we are going to make the future bright.



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