DIY Buddy Box/general happiness box

I love my buddy box subscription, i really do completely adore it but i only get it because i won a competition. Thats coming to an end very soon and i won’t be able to afford to buy myself a buddy box subscription so i thought i’d show you how to DIY your self a kind of buddy box slash general pick me up box. If you can afford a real buddy box i would definitely advise it because its more than worth the money but if not, its super easy to put together your own!

IMG_4766I spent about £15 on putting this box together but it would be very easy to spend a lot less. For me, i just threw in things that i love or that make me feel better. For example, when i’m feeling really depressed or anxious i like to have a shower, spray on something that smells nice, light a candle, have a hot chocolate and watch a film or read a book while munching on some chocolate or popcorn (see how i managed to work almost everything in the box into that?). So, lets go through what’s in my box and how much it cost.

The mug, socks, dairy milk, popcorn (All from pound land) and candle (Asda) were all £1 each, putting us up to £5.

Next, i only paid £3.49 for my book (Waterstones) because it was buy one get one half price but it would usually be £6.99. To keep the price down you could include a favourite book you already own or get one from a charity shop where they’re usually less than £1. For me, my book put the total up to £8.49.

My body spray was (I think) 79p from B&M bumping us up to £9.28.

The hot chocolate sachet was only 30p in Asda meaning we’re now only at £9.58.

The DVD was kind of my ‘splurge’ for the box since i usually buy my DVDs from CEX for less than £2 but i’ve wanted to see Divergent for a while so i know on a bad day i’ll be excited to watch it so £3 wasn’t too bad, leaving up at £12.58.

Of course, if you can’t afford to get a Buddy Box you might also not be able to afford all of this either but the brilliant thing about DIY is that you can change it completely to make it exactly how you want it and in your budget. If you’re on a really tight budget a 50p charity shop book and 30p hot chocolate sachet might be enough to get you through a rough night.

Just before ending this, i want to say that this post is in no way intended to criticise or derive business from The Blurt Foundations Buddy Box, i think they’re brilliant and you can just read any of my previous posts about them to see how much i love them, i just know they’re not in everyones budget since soon they won’t be in mine and i think it can really help you get through rough days knowing you have a little box of happiness waiting for you at home.



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