A Camping Trip

As a kid, nearly all our family holidays involved going camping somewhere and i loved it. I’d always make new friends on the camp site, we’d spend time as a family playing card games or scrabble and during the day we’d get in the car ad go on what i considered adventures. We haven’t been camping since probably around 2008 though so i decided this summer, i wanted to go camping again and this time i didn’t want to be on a campsite, i wanted us to be in the woods on our own. 13694235_1155370177819492_1419350081_oSo a few weeks ago me and Rich packed our stuff up, got my mum to drop us off near some local woods and went camping. It was warm, sunny and relaxing. We cooked hot dogs over our ‘fire’ (all the wood was too damp so we basically just had some hot charcoal but it did the job), roasted marshmallows and all round had a very chill night. 13699531_1155370324486144_1299622085_oSitting in the woods in my PJ’s was a new experience and a very enjoyable one, until the bug bites started and let me tell you, they started good. By the time we got home i had six on one knee and could barely bend it. I think the trip was totally worth a few days of discomfort though and i’d do it again in a heart beat. 13720504_1155370274486149_1234382038_oWhen was the last time you went camping? Do you love it as much as i do? Let me know in the comments, i’d love to read about any of your experiences!



4 thoughts on “A Camping Trip

    1. Ages ago me and my boyfriend went camping with a group of friends in Wales and our tent got flooded so we ended up sleeping in the toilets and getting the train home soaking wet the next day 😖 we’re really lucky we didn’t get sick!

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