Introducing my Cats! 

My cats recently turned two years old and I realised that even though I constantly post pictures of them I’ve never really introduced them properly enough to give you an idea of their personalities, so that’s what I want to do today!

Here you see a picture of Jodie. Jodie is the more affectionate of the two and she’s a major attention whore. I can’t go anywhere in the flat without her following me, meowing and trying to climb on me. She sleeps on my pillow, farts and drools almost constantly and she always looks either sad, sleepy or annoyed. You can tell we have a lot in common. Around once a month, as I’m going to sleep, Jodie will slide her little jelly bean toesies onto my hand like we’re holding hands and I know the next day will be great for I have been blessed. And here’s Allie, also known as ‘the other one’. She basically thinks she’s some sort of queen and I’m here purely to feed her and occasionally, if she’s in the mood, stroke her. While Jodie sits on top of me being her normal annoying self Allie usually sits near by looking at me like I’m an idiot and she’s so above whatever I’m doing. She very so often sits ‘with’ me, which means if I sit cross legged she might decide to stoop down to my level and sit in the gap between my legs so that she’s sitting with me without having to touch me. She will, however, throw herself at any guests as though she’s begging them to take her home. 
So, they’re my cats! As much as they annoy me I love them to bits and I don’t know how I’d get through some days without them. If you’ve got a pet, tell me about them in the comments!



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