Things I Need In My New Home

I’m hoping to move house in the next few months and i’m very, very excited about it so i thought i would show you some of the things i’ve decided i definitely need to buy when i move to help make the new place more ‘homey’ or to make me feel like more of an adult!

DSCF8525First, i want to get more ‘grown up’ wall art. As you cane see above, i’m pretty good at covering my walls in posters and collages of bands i like, and though i will still have a couple of posters up, i’d like a more ‘chill’ and grown up vibe going on in the new place. In an attempt to combine them both together i’ve asked a really talented artist friend i have if i can commission her to paint/sketch/what ever she feels like some sort of art of the Foo Fighters or Dave Grohl. Being a grown up doesn’t mean i can’t be a fan of things.

Secondly, i unfortunately don’t have a picture of this but i really want a bread machine. Why, Dana, why do you want a bread machine? You may ask. The answer is really quite simple. I love bread and i want to be able to eat it warm and freshly baked. No, really, thats my entire reason. More specifically i want a panasonic bread machine because thats what my mum has and i LOVE it. If i could find a way to sneak it out of my mums house and into my flat i would but its far too big to fit in my bag. In preparation for the move i’ve been reading bread machine recipes by panasonic. I had no idea you could do so much with a bread maker and i can guarantee that as soon as i get one, i’ll be working my way through trying them all.


Next i want a garden or yard i can have a BBQ in. The picture above is of my mums BBQ in her gorgeous little back yard. A lot of work has been going into her back yard lately and when its done i’ll have to do some sort of ‘dream yard’ post about it. Anyway, back on subject. My favourite thing to do in the summer (and any other time of year i can get away with it) is just to invited friends and family over to a BBQ.Living in a flat though, its been a long time since i’ve been able to do that and i can’t wait to get back to it!

IMG_472d2 (2)Finally, when we move, i want a proper wardrobe. Or at least, more clothing storage of some kind. I really like having a rail so that i can really see my clothes but with two people using it, its gets over crowded and messy and just looks plain ugly. I’m hoping when we move we might each be able t0 get a small 3 draw chest of draws and then share a very specific bamboo clothes rail I’ve had my eye on in Argos!

I’m sure theres a thousand other things i’m going to realise i want/need when i move but for now, they’re the main ones for me. Let me know what you think i need to be more ‘grown up’ in the comments because right now, i’ve got a bowl of coco pops for breakfast and I’m certainly not feeling like an adult! But hey, the milk turns chocolate so i’m happy.



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