My Home….

I’ve been spending a lot of time talking and thinking about my new home despite the fact that we  won’t be moving for a few months at least. Because of this, i decided its about time i started to appreciate the home i have right now, and all the things in it, since I’m really incredibly lucky to even have that. So, here are a few of my favourite things about my home.

In the first picture you see one of the two metal bookcases i recently bought from Ikea, which i love because i have a fair few ‘classic’ or vintage pieces and that adds something a bit more modern and industrial feeling to balance it out a bit. The little box you can see is one of those ones that lights up like the front of an old cinema which i adore.

Next up you can see my ‘music corner’ where i have covered the entire wall in Beatles posters and store all my records. I’m a big fan of listening to music on vinyl so this is one of my favourite area’s in the whole flat. On top of that most of the posters i got around the age of 13 so its a bit of a throw back to my teenage bedroom.

Finally, my couch. Oh, how i love this couch. I bought it recently off eBay and had an issue with the person advertising it as being less than 10 miles away from where i live only for them to tell me, after i had payed the £40 for it that it was in fact over a 4 hours drive away. Luckily enough for me i found a lovely woman who happened to be driving from where it was to see her family literally two streets over from me so she delivered it for me. Its a vintage, red velvet chesterfield two seater and its just amazing. Its incredibly comfortable and as you can see, its beautiful.

What are your favourite parts of your own home? Let me know in the comments!



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