Ebay Make Up Brushes Review

I’ve wanted some new make up brushes for a while, i say new as though i already have some when i have in fact only ever used brushes that came with a product. That’s right, up until recently I had never purchased a make up brush, and its been almost 7 years since i started wearing make up!

As excited as i was, i wanted to spend as little money as possible on them, just in case i didn’t use them. I’ve been doing my make up fine for years with only one or two small brushes so i thought maybe they weren’t necessary. Boy was i wrong.

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 13.26.17.pngThese are the brushes i bough. The purple handled ones were one set which i paid 65 pence for with free shipping and the pink handled one was on its own for 80 pence, again with free shipping. This tiny haul now means i have an angled brush that i use for my brows, a pointed blending brush, a straight edged blending brush, a lip brush, a normal eye shadow brush with the sponge thing on the end, a foundation/powder brush and that bit flat one. Okay, so i don’t really know what I’m meant to call any of them but I’ve watched enough youtube make up tutorials to know what i use them for! So, lets get onto the actual review.

First, I’ll start with the set with the purple handles. They are quite a lot shorter than other brushes i have used or seen being used, I’d say imagine two lip balms stacked on top of each other. Thats how long they are. Though at first i found that somewhat disappointing, I’ve noticed that it does in face make the brushes very easy to handle and it makes blending anything from contour to eye shadow a lot easier and neater. There was a tiny amount of bristle fall out on all the brushes the first time i used them but that hasn’t happened since and it wasn’t enough to make the brush visibly less full. The brushes are way, way softer than i expected too. I expected them to be quite coarse and plastic feeling like the cheap brushes I’ve gotten with products in the past but these are extremely soft and i don’t have any qualms about using them on sensitive areas like my eyes because they are so soft putting on my eye shadow actually feels nice now!

Now, the pink weird foundation brush. I’ve been seeing ones similar to this on youtube as some new Japanese or Korean (No one seems quite sure which it is) make up ‘gadget’ so i thought for less than one pound it was worth giving it a try and its 1000 times better than i thought it would be. I’ve used foundation brushes in the past and been left with streaky coverage, bristles from the brush being stuck on may face and, worst of all, one that seemed to just wipe the foundation off my face but this does none of that. Its again, very soft but the bristles are packed very tightly so that no foundation seems to be lost into the brush. Because they’re so densely packed it seem to assist in just lightly skimming the product across my skin leaving a full but not heavy feeling coverage. I use a very cheap foundation and it works way better with this bush than it does without.

Over all, i’d say that for the price and my expectations they would both receive five stars out of five. I’m really happy with them, would buy them again and would also recommend them to anyone wanting new brushes without breaking the bank. Of course, because with eBay i ‘won’ these by bidding, i can’t link you to the exact same ones but a quick search for ‘make up brushes’ will turn up all kinds of cheap options, many the same as mine.



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