Cheap Concealer/Contour Palette Review

Being plus-size, I have quite a round face and though I don’t really mind that, I thought it’d be fun to give contouring a go. Just in case it looked bad or I was just terrible at it, i decided to get a cheap contour/concealer palette off eBay. It took a while to arrive but after the great experience I had with my cheap brushes (read my cheap eBay make up brush review here) I had hopes for it. I shouldn’t have.Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 23.20.05Just to start off with, the palette is tiny. I suppose this part is my fault for not reading the dimensions of the product but I was expecting it to be much bigger. I’m happy enough to say my careless buying caused that rather than a poor product but then theres the fact that the trays the actual make up is in are extremely thin. You can see that quite clearly in the image above where I used a contour shade just once using a tiny bit along my jaw line, under my cheek bones, at my temples and down my now. Its practically gone, I’m going to get maybe two or three more uses from that, which brings me to my next point. Screen Shot 2016-08-14 at 23.22.56As you can see from these swatches, the darker contour kits are very orange toned. The lighter tones are a mixture of pink and yellow tones which I think is good to make it usable for people with either tone but with the exception of the shade I’ve already practically used up, I can’t use any of the darker contour shades without looking like some sort of giant oompa-loompa. Not the best look.

Despite these being cream concealers, they are very drying and beyond difficult to blend. Once you do get it blended, you only have around 45 minutes to enjoy your contour before the darker shades turn orange and patchy and the lighter shades become dry and make it look like you have some under eye dandruff/snow.

Over all, I was really disappointed by this palette and would not buy it again. I wouldn’t say I regret spending the £1.20 on it but it won’t be becoming a part of my every day routine like the brushes have. I would give this 1 star out of 5 and would not recommend any one with a similar skin tone to mine to buy it. If you have darker or more tanned skin than mine it might not come across so orange but I can’t guarantee that!



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