Log Cabin Retreats: The Natural Upgrade From Camping?

I’ve always enjoyed going camping ever since I was young, if you’ve been following my blog for a few months you will have seen the camping trip me and my boyfriend went on at the end of July. Clearly, it’s something I still do today as an adult living away from home! The only downside to camping is that the experience is always pretty similar.


Some campers often progress into hiring or buying campervans. Others might call it a day and just prefer the luxury of hotel accommodation. But, there’s another option some folks don’t think about: log cabin retreats! So, what’s the advantage of them, I hear you ask?


You don’t have to build anything


Unlike tents, log cabins are permanent fixtures. They can also withstand the elements, guaranteeing you a dry and wind-free experience! This is an especially enticing idea if you’ve been on any nightmare camping trips like me and my boyfriend experienced last summer. Just a tip, catching the train soaking wet at seven in the morning after not sleeping all night because your tent got flooded is not fun.


They are perfect for those that want a rustic holiday


Let’s face it. You’ve got all your “creature comforts” at home. From contemporary decors to Internet access, you’ve got it all in your abode. A log cabin retreat is a way to get back to basics without roughing it, so to speak.


If you want a more simplistic time away from home but don’t want to camp, log cabins are for you.


You can refine your fire-building skills


Want to learn how to build the perfect fire? You can hone your skills with a cabin’s log burner. Of course, you’ve also got the opportunity to build some fires and barbecues outside as well.


Obviously, you will need the right logs for the job (see below). But, once you’re a pro at building fires, you’ll want to get a log burner for your house. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!



Infographic Produced By Certainly Wood


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