Huggle-The Friend Making App

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 18.15.44I recently downloaded Huggle (you can go here to download it too) and I’ve been really enjoying using it so far and can’t wait to use it even more. The basic premise of Huggle is that it shows you other people who have been to the same place as you. For example, for me it shows me people who have visited the coffee shop I go to a few times a week and my favourite cinema. The idea being that it means you and those people have at least one thing in common and can therefore make friends. I guess its kind of like Tinder but for friends, and you know you’re going to have something in common with them, and its safe. So, not all that much like Tinder but you can see where I was trying to go with it, and you can probably also tell I’ve never used Tinder.

Personally, I find it very difficult to make friends at this stage in my life. Not only do I have anxiety that makes it difficult for me to approach new people but I’m also no longer in education, meaning i don’t have to spend 5 days a week around people, which pretty much forced me into making friends. In college I found it really easy to make friends because I took ‘creative’ classes so it was super simple to just go up to someone in my creative writing class and start a conversation about what we were doing, what their favourite book was, stuff like that where as I’ve found in ‘real life’ its near impossible for me to just wander up to someone and start a conversation.

Huggle, however, makes it easy for me because I can message someone who goes to my local cinema asking something as simple as ‘whats the last good film you saw?’ and that starts a great conversation that we’re both likely to be interested in. If we get along, we can plan to meet up and because we can see the places we have in common its easy to find say a cafe or coffee shop we both like to meet up at.

Theres the added bonus of, for example, say I got chatting with someone at a coffee shop and we got on well (sorry this is only about cinemas and coffee shops, they’re just more or less my favourite places!) but we had to rush off to do something before being able to catch each others names or number, its easy to just go on Huggle and find their profile, thus connecting to another potential best friend!

Now, I was worried about the safety aspect of this at first because people can see where I’m going which kind of weirds me out but other Huggle users can only contact you if you have a place in common and who’s going to send rude messages or harass someone who goes to the same places as them? I sure as hell wouldn’t. I feel Huggle is very safe, or I wouldn’t be using it or writing about it.

Overall, I think Huggle is probably the easiest way to make friends as an adult and though at the moment there aren’t too many other users near me (I’m sure if you live in a bigger town or city there will be a lot more users!) I’ve already spoken to a few people and I can see this really taking off in the future and becoming something most people have, like Facebook or twitter. Months ago I told my boyfriend I wished there was some sort of dating site but for making friends instead of dating and I’m so glad that now exists in Huggle! If you didn’t click the link at the top to download it, click here to download it,now that you’ve read all about how great it is!



10 thoughts on “Huggle-The Friend Making App

  1. That’s a great idea – I also love the sound of ‘Huggle’, makes me feel like I’ve just been given a giant hug šŸ˜‰


  2. Pretty neat! Has a “happn” feel to it.

    I’ve used both bumble and patook successfully for making friends, I’ll give this one a try.


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