How To Make Your House A Home

I know I’ve already uploaded a post today and I should probably save this one for tomorrow but I feel like this goes hand in hand with my earlier post so I might as well just post the both of them!

When it comes to improving home improvements, I find it’s important to do as much research as possible before I get started. Do I want to overhaul the whole room, or just make a few subtle improvements? It can be difficult to know where to start sometimes! I like to do as much preparation as possible so I can make my dreams a reality, and not get to that point in the middle where I just have no idea what I’m meant to be doing.

  1. Being armed with as much information as possible


I tackle one thing at a time, so I know everything has been covered. So, I’ll make sure that:


  • I only do what needs to be done. Sometimes, just changing the accessories in a room can make all the difference. It saves time wallpapering or painting unnecessarily, and in my case spending an hour scrubbing paint out the carpet because I decided I’d just be really careful and make sure to not get paint on the carpet rather than just covering it with something.
  • I don’t get tempted to do something different. It’s easy to start doubting yourself when you’re doing a room makeover, but don’t panic. Stick to what you’ve decided and don’t allow yourself to be swayed in another direction. Sometimes other people can try and force their ideas on you.
  • Everything is ready. There’s not much point starting your makeover if you haven’t covered the furniture, taken down old curtains or moved things out of the room you no longer need. If you need certain materials for the job, such as any structural timber, etc. then visit a place such as George Hill Timber merchants to make sure you are ready to go.
  • Measurements are taken accurately. If I’m buying new furniture as part of the makeover, I always make sure it’s going to fit. It can be embarrassing and costly if you order items that are too big for the room, only to find in the small print you can’t return it.


2. The makeover

When it finally comes to the makeover itself, I always find it fun to take photos throughout. That way, you can see what progress has been made. It also provides motivation when it starts to feel like a slog. I also try to:


  • Do one thing at a time. It can be tempting to leave one job half done and go on to the next one. However, you lose concentration and end up with a room that’s not been finished. It can be difficult to remain focused, but try to keep going.
  • Listen to music. Having the radio on when decorating is an excellent way to speed through the hard bits. You end up having so much fun that it doesn’t feel like you’re doing any work. Before you know it, the walls will be painted, and the room will be on the way to being finished.
  • Remind myself of the end goal. The room may be an empty shell right now, but I love going back to my style board to keep motivated. Sometimes you need little reminders to keep going when it feels hard, but you’ll be glad you got through it.


3. The finishing touches

There is no better feeling than when a room is finally completed! I love seeing how big it looks before all the furniture goes back in. It’s also a great feeling to know that you have done it all yourself. So, when it comes to finishing touches, I always try to:


  • Accentuate the colour scheme. I love matching accessories, but sometimes you can also go for a completely different hue. Orange and blue look excellent together, as do green and teal. Sometimes, mismatched items can add a touch of your personality to a room.
  • Pick great accessories. I love updating the furnishings in a room to go with a new colour scheme. A new pair of bold curtains can tie the room together, as can some statement cushions. Play around with different patterns and textures to make the room as unique as you are. A new rug can also bring out the best in the room, and provide a great focal point.
  • Consider new flooring. If you’ve updated the walls, then maybe it’s also time to update the floors. Putting down a new carpet makes the room look fresh. You could even consider getting wooden flooring if you want a change. I think that wooden floors combined with an enormous fluffy rug give a homely feel to a house.
  • Update the lighting. Lighting seems to date quickly, so it’s always a good idea to update it along with the room. You could invest in a fashionable standard lamp for a style statement, or keep it simple with a traditional ceiling light. Whatever you do, have fun with your makeover and let me know how it goes!



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