Would You Project Manage A Home Renovation?


I hope you’re all enjoying this little ‘house improvement/moving’ I’ve got going on at the minute, I know I definitely am and its making me so excited to finally move and start decorating my new place! I’ve got so many ideas and DIY’s ready for when I move, I can’t wait to show you all.

There are plenty of times when we are happy to get on with a bit of DIY. A wall may need a fresh coat of paint, or maybe you want to replace the bath panel. There are plenty of mini projects we’re more than able to tackle on our own. And there are of course hundreds of great DIY websites to help us. But when you’re about to undertake a major home renovation, it makes sense to call in the professionals.


Having your home professionally decorated, remodeled and finished can be done to a much higher standard in a much shorter time than we can do, and lets face it, its a lot easier. But when there are so many different skilled people to find, it can become quite the project. Would you be willing to project manage your own home renovation?


It’s a big undertaking, and it requires a lot of focus and organization. There are a few planning templates online to get you started, but what you really need is reliable tradesmen. Look for companies that have good customer reviews and a reputation for reliability. You may be able to rely on friends’ experiences of particular contractors. Why not look for award winning companies like Global Decorating so you can guarantee the work against industry standards? There are so many ‘cowboys’ about that it’s 100% worth any time and effort you put into making sure you get the best companies.


Ripping out what is already there isn’t a job for the faint-hearted. If you’re not willing to tackle it yourself, make sure your contractor has included the cost of it in his quote. Many flooring specialists, for example, will not take up the old floor as standard. Check that the cost of materials to fit the floor or tiling has been included. The last thing you need as a project manager is to find the contractor can’t actually fit for you.


Timings are really important when you project manage. There will be a best order to your home renovation project. Painting and decorating may come last, but the new floor may have to go in early for some reason. Speak to each of the installers to discuss what problems they may encounter. Check they are respected for their tidy work and that they clear up and make good any mess.



Attention to detail in your contracts can save you a fortune. Understanding how each of the trades works is essential. So how can you find out what you need to know? Make a list of questions, and ask the people that quote for you. See how the job is done online. Ask other homeowners who have had that kind of renovation done before. The more you know, the better you’ll feel about taking on such a big job.


Of course, there are many building firms that will take on all the project management for you. They coordinate all the different trades on your behalf, taking care of deliveries and payments for you. One of the main reasons someone would take it on themselves is to save money. But it could cost you time and energy managing so many different people and jobs. Would you project manage a home renovation? I don’t think I would, I’m just not that organised or self confident so I would probably put my big brother in charge personally! 




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