A Personal Touch: How To Make Sure Your House Radiates Your Personality

Whether you’re moving home like I am or just making a few changes to the home you’re already in, there are a few areas of your home that can make it really reflect you and your style. Your home should be a comfortable environment for you to feel truly happy in. Here are some ideas on how to make your home yours.



I know full well how stressful it can be finding the right bed. You have the size, headboard, base and mattress to worry about. Then you have to decide on what kind of duvet you’d like to have and which pillows will give you the best night’s sleep. It’s almost like speaking another language. Memory foam, sprung, togs, finials. It’s enough to make you want to pull a dictionary out. But once you have your furniture together, it’s so important to pay attention to the smaller details too. There are so many bedding options and they can tend to be a bit pricey. So make sure you spend your hard earned cash on something you love. Look around for different fabrics and designs. Whether you like silk sheets or embroidered cotton. There will be something out there that is perfect for both you and your aesthetic, and fingers crossed something you and your partner (if you have one) can both agree on. For me and my boyfriend that meant a duvet cover with astronaut cats on one side and a pale grey speckled moon patter on the other, this meant my ‘aesthetic’ for blog photos or the back ground of my youtube videos was fulfilled with a simple and ‘trendy’ pattern while my boyfriend had his silly, fun side.




You might not have thought twice about towels up until this moment. But you can really use towels to tie your bathroom together. Choose a colour scheme that reflects your personality and stick to it. If you’re calm and have duck egg blue walls, maybe white and grey towels will compliment it. If you’ve gone for all white, you could add a touch of colour with bright orange or red towels to show your expressive side. Be daring. There are some really cute towels being produced by Orla Kiely at the moment. They will cost more than your standard white design, but they are definitely worth considering. I’ve already bought a few things for the bathroom ready for when we move and will be going for an over all monochrome pattern with pops of yellow.

Kitchen Appliances


Again, you should choose a colour scheme for your kitchen when it comes to decorating, even if that colour scheme is just ‘all the colours’. One of the best ways to go about this is, I’ve found, usually having a neutral coloured wall and accessories of a feature colour. Keep it fun. Toasters, kettles, coffee machines and blenders all come in a wide array of colours nowadays. Some brands such as Disney offer a huge range of appliances that could release your inner princess. My mum has implemented this by having bright green appliances and neutral everything else.


Kitchen Accessories


If you really love to have things matching, then you can even go as far as to match your cutlery handles or cooking accessories such as spatulas, ladles and cheese graters. Pots and pans can be standard black but some that match your feature colour might take your fancy. Brands such as Le Creuset have great ranges. I like to stick to the ordinary silver pans personally but if I can find some copper ones that don’t break the bank I may make the switch.



Most people don’t think twice about their windows. They’re often seen as a feature of the house that serve a function and that’s that. But you can make your windows pretty too. Whether you try out Quality Decorative Glass And Glazing or play around with interesting curtains and blinds, there’s always a way to spruce up the eyes of your home.


Cushions and Throws


Cushions and throws can add so much comfort to your home. So if you’re the cuddly, cosy type, keep designs minimal but experiment with different textures and fabrics. You can also play around with different sizes. A large cushion here and a tiny cushion there. Just ensure that the colours don’t clash and everything should be plain sailing from there! 

What are some ways you’ve added that special personal touch to make your house really feel like home? I’d love to hear about them so I can keep adding to my ‘ideas for when we move’ list!



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