New Home Plans

We haven’t quite found our new home yet but I already have many, many ideas as to what kind of things and spaces I want to have in our new home, which I’m going to share with you today!

First up, I really want a dining table. Its been months since we got rid of ours due to lack of space and I hate eating my dinner off my knee on the couch. Though where ever we move will be bigger than our flat, it’ll likely still be fairly small so I’m not setting my hopes on an entire dining room, just somewhere I can put a table and a couple of chairs. I also want to do this because I want to be able to invite friends and family over for meals, I love cooking and especially as christmas approaches I’m sure I’ll be cooking all sorts of creations to share with everyone (including you!).

I also really want a small outside space that I can sit at. I know that due to the area we plan to move to we’re probably going to have a small concrete yard but I think if you give it a lick of paint, get plenty of plants out there and hopefully with the help of my DIY expert brother create some sort of built in bench and table, it’ll be perfect. This might not happen until next summer since its already starting to get colder, but I’d really love to be able to sit outside surrounded by plants while I edit videos or write blog posts like this one!

We’re purposely moving into a two bedroom place so that we can have a study/studio separate from our living room or bedroom. Me and Rich (the boyfriend) are both musicians who write our own music and then of course on top of that I blog, attempt to write actual novels and I make youtube videos so I desperately want a calm but motivating work environment. I’ve already made plans with my brother to build in a desk all the way along one wall so that me and Rich can work at the same time without interrupting each other, and we’ll also have our own spaces to decorate with what we want.

That last plan that I’m going to talk about is my gallery wall plan. I spoke a bit about it in my last post but want to dive a bit further into it. First off, I want it on the wall above my vintage chesterfield sofa, I figure that by doing that it’ll look somewhat classy and sophisticated no matter what I put up there. I’ve already started a wish list of the art I want for it on Amazon, I’m trying really hard to combine both mine and Rich’s tastes so that it doesn’t just feel like MY house, but like OURS. This means I’ve found things like Jack Torrence from The Shining, one of Rich’s favourite films, surrounded by hand drawn marigolds, which are one of my favourite flowers.

Rich pretty much leaves the decorating to me, I spend a lot more time at home than him and I enjoy actually decorating a lot more than he does but I still try my best to tie in the things that he likes to ensure that it is really a connection of our personalities and we can both feel at home and happy. The environment we live in can have such an effect on our mental health, and I try to make sure it’ll be a good one!

Do you have any things you think I should definitely include in my new home plans? Let me know down below!



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