We Found Our New Home!

This is the most exciting news I’ve had for a while, hence why I’m sharing it almost straight away! Last Thursday I popped over to Liverpool with my mum to view a house near where she lives. I hated it, it didn’t look anything like the pictures and the current tenants were still there watching us look around their house. Needless to say, I was feeling a bit let down as we stepped out. It was on the street I wanted to live on and was the only house there for rent.

My mum, thankfully, asked some random guy in the street what the area is like since I wanted to move there and after a recent break in (nothing to worry about I promise!) I was quite concerned about safety. I’m not too sure why she asked since she literally lives one street over but good god am I glad she did. This man, who I know now as Graham, was working on a house in the street that would be going up for rent soon and offered to let us have a little nosey around. It was love at first site for me, not so much for Rich.

Because of his work schedule I had to go without him and video it on my phone for him to look at, and despite my immediate love of it, he hated it. I talked him around into going and looking at it on his day off last Thursday and he agreed, probably just to shut me up! As it so happens though, seeing it in real life made him love it too!

After a bit of a serious talk, we decided to take it! We’re going through all the checks and such at the moment so its not 100% but its more than likely that this will be our new home! I can’t wait to start packing and settling in close enough to my mum that she can pop around for a cuppa when ever she wants, given that she gives me warning so that I can tidy up. We should get the keys somewhere around the end of the months and once we do I hope to share everything about our new place and what we do to it either here or on my youtube channel, so you might want to subscribe if you haven’t already!

If my posts are a bit all over the place the next month or so, I apologise in advance! I’m hoping to continue posting at least once or twice a week but who knows?!



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