Design Icons: Hero Pieces Of Furniture For A Super Luxe Living Room

There are certain pieces of furniture that have been so expertly crafted and designed that they stand the test of time. These items become design icons that are recognized globally and look ever so exquisite in your home. If you want to add a super luxe touch to your interior design invest in a hero piece of furniture and prepare to fall in love.

A Statement Light

If you want an architectural masterpiece in your living room, invest in the Flos Arco Floor Lamp. Designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1962, it remains an iconic statement light to this day. The Flos Arco was created to produce beautiful light over a table or living area without having to take up valuable space. The brothers designed an exquisite marble base that sits two metres away from the table. And the long, curved steel iron arches over your table or sofa without taking up space. They created beveled corners on the slab of marble incase you knock into it, and the hole in the marble makes it easier to lift and move. The Flos Arco is a remarkable architectural design and adds a seriously luxe touch to your living space. I have a high back chesterfield sofa and will be getting one of the lower back leather ones when we move and I really want to get one of these lamps to hang over one corner as a reading light. 

A Striking Sofa

A leather Chesterfield remains as much an iconic piece of furniture today, as it did many hundreds of years ago. Chesterfield furniture features distinct button back upholstery and nail head trimming. other distinguishing features are its low seating and beautiful rolled arms. And the design dates back to the 1700’s. It was often used in gentlemen’s clubs but then made its way into royal palaces, luxurious of hotels and finally living rooms. A Chesterfield is a timeless piece of furniture that still remains a classic. In modern design you can find a chesterfield sofa in both leather and velvet upholstery. And now there are myriad colours including jewel greens and reds and even hot pinks and purples. Mine is a gorgeous dark red velvet and I don’t know how I lived without it. Its so comfortable and classic. My cats have done a tiny bit of damage to one of the wings which I’m certainly not happy about but old sofa’s usually have a bit of wear and tear anyway so I’m trying not the let it get to me!     

Marble Dining Table

Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen’s name is synonymous with the perfectly executed Pedestal collection. This revolutionary collection features the iconic Tulip table. Saarinen had a solid partnership with Knoll and during this time he designed exquisite and iconic pieces of furniture. These includes the ‘Womb’ chair and the prolific Tulip table. Saarinen disliked the ugly legs found underneath a table. To get round the problem he designed the revolutionary Tulip table which features just one central ‘leg’. Tulip tables can be seen in some of the most luxurious homes in the world. And this piece of furniture is an instantly recognizable design. These days your Tulip table top can be crafted in Arabescato marble, Calacatta marble, natural oak, white laminate and more. It’s a stunning addition to a living/dining room and is an iconic showstopper.  

Philippe Stark Ghost Chair

2002 saw the birth of the now iconic Kartell Louis Ghost Chair. The most famous colour way is completely translucent which gives the illusion of space and fluidity. The innovative design is made using one smooth single form of polycarbonate. This is then crafted into a very elegant Baroque style chair. Even super luxe babies can get their own mini Lou Lou Ghost chairs for their rooms. I think this is such a brilliant way to combine something classic with something so incredibly modern. 

Which hero pieces would you like in your home? Do you already have any like I do?




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