The Illusion Of Space: Magical Design To Make Your Home Appear Bigger

Short of knocking through walls and rebuilding rooms, the best way to create more space is through the power of illusion. There are a few magic tricks that you can pull out of your sleeve or top hat to make rooms appear bigger. From multi-use furniture and lower lighting to sliding doors and the use of glass, it’s smoke and mirrors time when it comes to design.


Multi-Functional Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is a great way of keeping smaller spaces tidy. Their versatility mean you’ll have less on show and won’t need as many pieces of furniture. Items that work double duty are a fantastic way of creating the illusion of more space.  The Claudio Sibille Gemelos coffee table houses two secret folding armchairs in an elegant design. It’s a stylish addition that works great in a small living room. The Duty Box Wardrobe is great for small bathrooms as it looks like a full-length mirror, but when opened it features slimline shelving top to bottom. The Spell Interaction Platform is a sleek piece that folds over the side of your armchair. It features a tablet charging docking station and a secret unit for cable organisation.  And the Cubista ottoman is great for those that like to entertain but have small spaces. This pretty, compact cube conceals five separate seats that can be pulled out for when guests arrive. And if you want a coffee table that works triple duty, try the multi-functional lift top one from Nikka. It works as a coffee table, a storage facility and also folds out to become a compact workstation for your laptop. Companies such as Dwell and Ikea also offer some fantastic multi-use furniture options. So always be sure to think outside the box when looking for space saving ideas. And one last tip, choose designs that have less height. Low furniture will always make your walls and ceilings appear higher.      


Doors And Glass

Use glass in your home wherever you can to create the illusion of more space. In the bathroom banish the dreaded shower curtain and get a sleek glass shower door instead. If you have wooden doors, opt for French doors with glass panelling instead to cast out any visual barriers. If you can, also heighten your door frames to full length to trick the eye into thinking there is more space. If you have a living room or kitchen that leads out to the garden invest in bi-folding doors across one whole wall if you can. A great place to start research into these types of doors is at By using this type of concertina design, your interior space will blend seamlessly with the outside, thus generating the illusion of a larger space. Just make sure your garden looks as beautiful as the inside too.


Lighting And Colour

Think carefully about colour when designing your space. It’s all about optical illusions! Use monochromatic colours to trick the eye into thinking your room is larger. Paint ceilings and walls in the same shade of white to make the space appear bigger. Painting from the floor to the ceiling in all the same colour will create a perception of more height. Keep it clean with off whites and avoid dark colours at all costs. It kind of makes sense that bright airy colours will always make a room appear bigger. Use floor to ceiling mirrors in the bedroom to reflect light and hang oversized mirrors in the living room to do the same. Just be sure that the space you are reflecting is aesthetically pleasing to the eye too. Avoid ceiling lights and pendants that will cast shadows. A light that falls from a ceiling is going to make the space feel smaller if you do not have much height to start with. Either invest in integrated ceiling halogen lights or use lower lighting such as lamps and wall lights. Choose stylish vertical designs that direct light both up and down for a magical trick of more space. And when picking your lighting try and go for translucent designs that will reflect even more light. It’s all about the bounce! Also think about your windows. Are curtains dragging your space in? If so, consider pull up blinds or sheer fabrics that create a sense of airiness. And if budget and design permit also consider installing a skylight into a kitchen or living room space. Not only do skylights create an eye-catching aesthetic but they also bring in lots more natural light to your room. And lastly, always be sure to use a palette of neutral colours and sheer fabrics to create an airy feel in your home.  


Finally, and most importantly, let the space feel like your space. Have fun and if the tips given here aren’t what fit you, throw them out the bi fold doors and do your own thing!



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