Scandinavian Inspired Sunday Breakfast

My mum, like most others, always told me that breakfast was the most important meal of the day. Of course, i never listened to her and i usually don’t eat breakfast. Sundays however, are the exception. I love putting together a little scandinavian inspired breakfast for me and Rich every now and again and it just always happens to be on a Sunday.

This breakfast is very similar to the ones i ate while living in Denmark, hence why its scandinavian inspired! And the best thing is, its really simple to put together. Plus, you can really switch it up to make it just how you like it! Mine is quite meat and cheese based (its completely cheese and meat based) but it could easily be switched to vegetarian or vegan by replacing things with the vegan or vegetarian alternatives.

IMG_4985.jpgOn my little platter you can see i like to include 2 bread rolls per person, plenty of peppered salami, honey roasted ham, patè, stilton, goats cheese and delicious smoked cheddar. Its simple, easy and delicious, as well as very filling. I like to have orange juice or coffee with it like i did while living in Denmark but Rich likes to have a good British cup of tea.

What kind of breakfast do you usually have on a Sunday?



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