Thinking About Getting Cosy For Christmas!

I know you’re probably thinking it’s a little early to be getting excited about Christmas, but I just can’t help it. Isn’t it just the most wonderful time of the year? I know summer can be fabulous. We have barbecues, we get to wear nice flowing clothing, we see our friends more – it’s lovely. But winter is my favourite. You get to snuggle up by the fire, eat comfort foods, and wear cosy clothing. That’s why I’m already thinking about getting cosy for Christmas (Rich is not happy about it!). Here are some ideas so you can get cosy too!


Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

If you’re not in the Christmas spirit yet, it’s understandable. I mean, some people don’t get into it until December! If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, you could try watching Christmas films. Why not have a marathon? You could even start decorating, slowly but surely. You don’t even need to put up ‘Christmas’ decorations either. You could just change your colour scheme and include some more wintery items. Add candles, maybe a new ornament or cushion. Having a good Christmas CD on in the background as I go about my day usually helps me too. I even love doing this with my presence online, such as changing my blog layout/scheme, or instagram colour scheme. My instagram pictures tend to become brighter and more saturated around christmas and become more faded and aesthetically pleasing in the summer.

Stop Stressing About Presents

You’re hardly going to feel cosy come Christmas time if you’re stressing about presents. I mean, why stress? Giving presents should be a joy. If you start to think of what you’d like to give people in advance and set up a bit of a budget for yourself, there’s no need to stress. Don’t leave it until Christmas eve to get things sorted. There’s no way you’ll be able to relax! Order things online and they’ll come right to your door so you can avoid the crowds. Be extra smart and buy from somewhere that offers wrapping too!

Make A Christmas Food Shopping List

One thing I love about this time of year is buying all kinds of yummy foods that I associate with Christmas. I like to make a Christmas shopping list these days though, as lots of things that I buy tend to go to waste. I make sure I don’t go overboard when buying sweet treats like chocolate and cheesecake. I usually like to invest in a cheese board and some nice crackers though. Don’t forget the wine either! When there’s a delicious array of food to choose from at home, it makes relaxing in front of the fire that much better. I make sure there are candy canes and chocolate boxes for when guests come round too. It helps everybody to get into the Christmas spirit! Also, although candy canes are basically just sugar, they can last me up to two hours so I never feel too guilty about it.

Cosy Clothes And Accessories

I’m the kind of person who gets home and puts their pyjamas on right away anyway. So you just know I love cosy clothes and accessories when it’s Christmas time! It’s sort of tradition to buy myself a new pair of pyjamas to wear around Christmas eve. You can’t beat a new pair of PJs! I might even treat myself to some new slippers if I feel like it. Oh, and I love those extra fluffy and soft socks that make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud. Hotel quality waffle gowns and bathrobes are just perfect for stepping out of a hot bath too. Then, on Christmas day, I might wear a really tacky Christmas jumper. You can only wear them once a year, so you might as well have fun with it. If it lights up you get bonus points.

Having Fun Christmas Cooking

I know that cooking a Christmas dinner can be the most stressful thing in the world. But other kinds of Christmas cooking can be so much fun! Why not make Christmas cookies, or a Christmas cake? You could even make your own Christmas hot chocolate recipe, complete with marshmallows and whipped cream. You probably shouldn’t have too many of these in a day though, especially if you want to avoid putting on the Christmas pounds, although I don’t personally think you should worry about that around christmas, thats what new years resolutions are for. Don’t forget savoury cooking for this time of year either. It’s the perfect time to start incorporating winter vegetables and warm spices into foods, whether you’re making soups or something more hearty like a stew or, if your my mum, barrels of scouse.

Reading Christmas Books

Many Christmas books are kid’s stories, but I love reading them regardless. They take me back to my childhood and get me really excited. Then you have the classics, like A Christmas Carol. Why not get some Christmas reading in in the lead up to the big day? If you have kids to read to, that’s even better!

Making Plans For The Festive Season

There’s usually a whole lot to do over the festive period. You’ll likely be invited to parties and get togethers all over the place. Make sure you put these in your calendar so you can get excited! Why not invite some people over to your place for Christmas drinks and games? You don’t need to cook Christmas dinner for people to have a great time. I also like to plan things like Christmas markets, as they really get me ready for Christmas and put me in the mood. I love drinking hot chocolates, even drinking a mulled wine (or four) sometimes. The markets usually have so many yummy foods too, like marshmallows and fruits on sticks. You could even wait until your visit to purchase some Christmas ornaments and gifts for people.

Getting Your Pets Ready For Christmas

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s really cute when pets wear bells and other fun Christmas things. Maybe even a Christmas jumper. You might not agree with me, but It’ll certainly make your home feel Christmassy! If I don’t manage to find my cats christmas jumper I will be very disappointed.


I hope that these ideas have helped you start to prepare for Christmas in your head. Trust me, if you use them, you’ll look forward to the big day and have a wonderful time! We only have around 3 months now. Is Christmas your favourite time of year? Leave a comment below to let me know!



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