Spread The Love To Cat-Fans With These Purrfect Gift Ideas

If you have read my posts before, you will know how much I love my fur babies. In fact, I treat them like they are my children sometimes. As you can see in this post, I worry about their health and wellbeing enough for them to be my real family! Therefore, when it’s time to find a gift for your friend who’s a cat-lover like me, spread the love with these purrfect gift ideas! Just a pre-warning, you will likely have to buy two of these cat-related gifts, so that you can keep one for yourself if you are a fan!


Cat bedding

I’m not just talking about bedding for cats (more about that later). I mean new cat themed bedding for your friend’s bedroom. That way, they can cuddle up in bed with a duvet cover that they love. You can find so many sets online which come with the pillow cases as well for double the fun. It will make a bold statement when people enter the room and see their great cat bedding. Just make sure you check what size their bed is before you make a purchase; you don’t want to have to take it back if it’s too small! If you can’t find a great duvet cover, you could always get them some cat cushions to add to their bed. That way, even if they have a boring cover, they will add some character to the room with some cat-shaped cushions!

Cat scarf

Everyone loves a scarf as it’s a must-have for winter. And with the colder months approaching, it’s time to get them out of the cupboard. But if your friend is anything like me, she won’t be able to find that fabulous one she bought last year! Even though you hunt around the house, it seems to be gone for good. Therefore, get her a new scarf which has a cute cat pattern for her to wear this winter. You will be surprised how many are available in neutral colours with little black cats all over. If you want to add a little extra, you could get her some cute cat mittens to go with it. That way, she will look fantastic when she gets out in the cold weather.

Adopt a giant cat

It might not be a little cat, but if your friend is a fan of all of the cat species, an adopt a tiger or lion pack might be her thing. You are helping her save the big cats of the world. And it makes a very cute present that she will never forget. When you buy from organisations such as WWF, you can get a great pack which includes a cute cuddly big cat toy that she will love. As well as this, she will get a full adoption pack and will receive regular updates about how her lion or tiger is doing! It doesn’t have to be expensive either; you can pay small monthly amounts towards the cat adoption. If this doesn’t sound up your street, you could always make a donation in her name to a cat organisation such as Cat Protection or RSPCA. That way, your friend is helping them rehome kittens and cats.

Handbag with a cat design

Girls can never have enough handbags. Therefore, for a fun cat-related gift that she will love, you could consider getting a brand new handbag which has a beautiful cat design. You will be surprised how many you can get online which have are designed with a cute kitty-inspired pattern. If she is a true cat-lover, she will love parading around town with the beautiful bag on her shoulder!

Take her to a Cat Cafe

You will be surprised how many cat cafes are now dotted around the country. The craze has hit the UK after people flocked to the one in Japan and New York. There are now several across the UK including Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in London. It’s been so popular that it’s often hard to get a booking! You should attempt to go with your friend for their birthday as it’s a cat-lovers paradise. The basic idea is people get to enjoy a cup of tea and some cake while petting a dozen cats. It’s a great way to get some cuddles with lots of kittens without having to get your own! Therefore, buy her a voucher and then you treat her to a wonderful day out surrounded by lovely cats!

Cat themed jewellery

It’s so easy to find some jewellery which is cat themed. Whether it’s a cute pair of cat studs or a necklace with a charm, there is so much about for animal-lovers. Therefore, you should look at buying her some cat-themed jewellery as a great gift. You could even consider getting her a charm for a Pandora bracelet or even a cool cat-shaped ring for her finger. She will love the gift, and it will complete her outfit!

Cat clothing

Another great gift idea for your friend is some great cat clothing. There is always lots of different clothes with cat-related designs that your mate will love. Just check out this cute embroidered shirt which has a kitten peeking out of the pocket. Or you might want to hunt down some cute cat socks or leggings that your friend could wear out. There are also plenty of slogan t-shirts around which are cat-related for your mate’s birthday!

Cat shaped biscuits

If you don’t want to spend a fortune, you will love this idea. You should get your baking hat on and make her some biscuits or cookies. You can find some great recipes online so that you can make her double chocolate chip or peanut butter cookies. It’s a cheap present, and she will appreciate the effort you have gone to! To make them cat-related, you can find some great cutters which you can use to make the fun design. Then you can buy a box to put them in to make it into a fabulous present that she will love!

A new cat bed

This present might be for her kitten, but she will love it all the same! A new cat bed will go down a treat with her that she can give to her cat. You can get so many fun ones online to buy for her cat including colourful igloo style beds. Its always a good idea to look at some luxury gifts for her furry companion too! After all, she will love pampering her pet, and she will be very grateful for the gift!

Cat coasters

You can never have enough coasters in your home when visitors come over. After all, they are an excellent way to avoid cup stains on your table. Therefore, for your friend’s birthday, you should get her some cute cat coasters. That way, she will have plenty to use when her friend’s come over. And picking some like these beauties will show off her love for cats as they are fun and unique!


Everyone loves a game of Monopoly, especially around Christmas time. But not a lot of people know that there is a cat monopoly available to buy. Your friend will love it as the properties have feline-based names and the pieces are all cat-related! It’s a lot of fun, and it brings a fresh twist to the traditional board game. You can read more about this game in this feature.
I’m off to shower my own kitties with love!



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