Simply Be Party Tops

I was recently sent some lovely clothes from Simply Be, which I got to choose out myself! Though I was sent these for free, everything in this review is completely what I think and I haven’t been told at all what to say, so trust me when I say these clothes are brilliant.

My ‘Party Top‘ for this christmas will definitely be this gorgeous grey one they sent me. I trailed through the many, many pages of party tops that were pretty but not quite my style or not quite what I was looking for or were out of stock in my size, and then I saw this. You can get a pretty good feel of it from my pictures I think, its a fairly simple kaftan style top, meaning it hide the tops of my arms that I’m not too confident about without being sleeves, and has these gorgeous plastic crystal bead things around the neck meaning I don’t have to faff about trying to find a necklace to go with it. Its a tunic style so its a bit longer than I usually wear but I think its fun to try new styles and I think it really suits me.


As much as I love this top, I would advise possibly ordering it a size up from your normal size since I found to to be a little tight just under my boobs. Not to the point that I’d send it back, its definitely still wearable and looks nice but ordering a size up would have just made it that tiny bit more comfy. It comes with a belt belt of the same fabric that comes around the area that is tight for me and it loops through the kaftan sleeves so it doesn’t take away any of the drape that comes from that, which is a really good design element and the top also flows out from that point so its obviously supposed to be a little more fitted there and it could well just be that my body is a funny shape!


Simply Be very kindly let me choose 2 items, one had to be a party top but the other could be anything I wanted. I first thought I wanted a skirt but didn’t think it’d look right with a tunic style top like I had already chosen so I went with a pair of indigo coloured ‘Lucy’ jeans and I am so glad I did. I have a lot of issues with jeans, I’m almost six foot tall and plus size so finding jeans that fit just right and are also a high enough quality that I don’t end up with holes in the thighs immediately is a pretty difficult thing, until I put on these jeans. I’m probably going to buy them in every colour, and they’re almost definitely going to become my go-to jeans in place of my usual New Look jeans.


They’re stretchy enough that I can sit with my legs up like I usually do without losing any circulation. It feels like wearing leggings without having to worry about how see through they are and if people can see your knickers. They are THE most comfortable jeans I have ever put on AND they look great. Plus, even though they’re super stretchy, they don’t become two sizes bigger after a few hours wear. I’ve been wearing them the last two days and though they’ve definitely stretched a bit they’re still a great fit and not at all saggy. I can’t even find anymore words to explain my love of these jeans, so I’m going to stop trying and round up this blog post!

So overall, Simply Be is the place to shop for party tops this year, especially for plus size girls like me that find it difficult to find clothes that don’t resemble my nans, and if you’re not looking for party tops but want to do some shopping, you should definitely buy your self a pair of these Lucy jeans, I might actually do an entire blog post about them, thats how much I love them


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