When it comes to moving, there are all kinds of options out there. Often, the choices we make depend on our finances and the stage we’re at in life. Perhaps you’re moving out of home for the first time. Maybe you’re looking to buy your first home. Or you’re selling up and relocating due to a change of job or an imminent new arrival. If you’re contemplating a change of scenery, here are some options to consider. 



Renting is a fantastic alternative to buying for those who cannot afford to buy a home and people who aren’t keen to establish roots just yet. You may prefer to rent if you travel around a lot with work, or you don’t have a stable enough income to get a mortgage. You may also wish to rent before you buy if you’re moving in with a partner for the first time, or you’re living with friends. Renting often gets a bad name. Many of us are focused on buying one day. But in truth, there are several advantages to renting. Perhaps the best thing is that you don’t have to fork out when things go wrong. A new boiler, for example, could cost thousands. If you’re renting a property, repairs are generally the responsibility of the landlord.


For most of us, buying a house is up there with getting married and having children. On paper, it may seem fairly straightforward to buy a property. However, it’s not a matter of seeing a house you love and signing a contract. There are complex legal processes involved, not to mention negotiation over prices and surveys. If you can survive the rollercoaster ride, there are amazing benefits to being a homeowner. You have freedom to do whatever you want to your home, and you’ll have a valuable asset to your name. If you’re thinking of buying, see a mortgage adviser and establish a budget. Search online and get in touch with estate agents. It often pays to maintain contact, as you’ll get information about new properties first. Always make sure you’re 100 percent certain before you make an offer on a new home. This shouldn’t be a decision you rush into. Unless it’s an investment opportunity, go for the property that ticks all the boxes and gives you that indescribable feeling. Many house hunters say that they know instantly when they’ve found ‘the one’.


Remortgaging may be an option if you’re already a homeowner. In many cases, people decide to remortgage to release equity in their home or to make their mortgage payments cheaper. You can also remortgage to take advantage of better mortgage offers. It’s worth remembering that you may have to pay a fee if you switch before your current agreement ends. If you’re considering this option, seek remortgaging advice from an expert.


If you’re thinking of moving, it’s always a good idea to weigh up all your options. There’s no right answer when it comes to renting, buying or remortgaging. What suits one person may not be the right fit for another. Think about your finances and what you want from a new home. Consider your options carefully, seek expert help, and don’t rush into anything.




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