Turn Your Lacklustre Home Into An Elegant Property

It may be that you haven’t given your home the TLC it deserves over the last few years. As people, we all need a refreshing haircut or a stylish new wardrobe from time to time. So why not treat your home the same way too! Styles and tastes can change and sometimes you just need to take action to turn your home into the elegant property you want it to be. So today I’ve collated a few ideas on how to refresh and revive your home, so it looks beautiful for the winter months ahead.

Super Ceilings

Look up at the ceilings and the top of your walls and see what you find. If you just have plain lines, your house can seem very simple. However adding crown mouldings to your property will give it a superior and elegant feel taking it from plain to perfect. Crown moulding will bring your room together and make it look much more polished. It can be an inexpensive way of updating your home as paintable plastic mouldings are relatively cheap.  Obviously, this type of architectural design does not work in every home, so think about the style of your property before considering this option.

Put A New Roof On It

Do you have a conservatory in your house? While they were very popular a decade or so ago, nowadays property owners prefer to build extensions. Fear not, however, as there are ways of updating your conservatory to mimic that look. Taking off your existing conservatory roof and installing a Guardian roof will make the space feel much more like an extra, regular room. Guardian roofs are a great way to get rid of your tired old glass roof and switch it out for a beautiful tiled insulated solid roof. This will look much more stylish and instantly make your home feel more elegant and inviting. Follow the click for more ways on creating the illusion of space in your home.

Dressing Your Window

Much like how accessories and the right shoes can make an inexpensive outfit look plush, window treatments can make your home look super luxe. By window treatments, we mean what you choose to dress your window with. Window treatments are one of those places where you can spend more as it will be an investment that will last years. Plantation style shutters can create clean and simple lines in your home and look ultra elegant. If you want curtains, think whether a heavy fabric or light and airy will suit your space more. Choose materials such as linen and silk for a rich look. And make sure that your curtains are lined!

Colour Counts

Paying close attention to the colour of your walls can make all the difference between a lacklustre property and one that gleams with style. Companies such as Farrow & Ball offers tips and guides on what paint colours to choose. Of course, it is all personal preference but if you want to make an elegant statement shy away from boring magnolia and or things like shocking pink. Opt for chalky period colours such as greys, clays and off whites.                    


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