Do you have problems getting to sleep at night, even when you feel exhausted? You’re not alone. In fact, many studies have shown that insomnia is becoming a concerning world epidemic. The CDC stated that insufficient sleep in adults is a public health problem. Statistics have shown that it’s an issue that’s prevalent all across the developing world.

The United Kingdom might have it the worst. One health study found that Brits are the worst sleepers in the world! Results showed that 37% of adults in the United Kingdom didn’t feel they slept enough. Over 20% also felt too exhausted to exercise regularly thanks to their daily fatigue. Ireland, Canada, and the USA were close behind in lack of sleep.

It seems that insomnia is becoming a growing global problem. But why do so many people have a hard time sleeping? Many issues have been identified as possible causes for people’s insomnia. Here are some of the common problems.

Poor Sleep Habits

In many cases, lack of sleep comes down to people’s sleeping habits. Those who nap a lot during the day will most likely have a hard time getting to sleep at night. Spending time in bed watching TV or doing anything other than sleeping can also be counter-productive.

To combat insomnia, people need to keep strict sleep schedules. They should also stay away from their bed until it’s strictly the right time to sleep. Naps, rests, and too much TV in bed can cause problems.


Comfort is a big factor when it comes to getting to sleep. Those with uncomfortable beds will spend too much time trying to get comfy to get a valuable rest.

Those who want to get the best sleep possible should equip their bed well. Old, springy mattresses will affect your sleep for the worse. Memory foam mattresses are often recommended for their benefits on the body. Adding a memory foam mattress topper double can also lead to more comfort.

Poor sleeping equipment isn’t just uncomfortable. It can also lead to back and neck problems over time. Make sure your bed is fit for sleeping in each night to combat insomnia. You should also ensure you heat up your home. Getting to sleep feels impossible when you’re freezing.

Too Many Screens?

Insufficient sleeping has also been linked to the use of entertainment devices. One study suggested that more Brits than ever are having trouble sleeping thanks to smartphones and computers.

The blue light produced by entertainment screens can suppress melatonin. It tricks your body into thinking it’s daytime, making it much harder for you to sleep.

If you’re having troubles sleeping, it might be time to switch off your smartphone and tablet and turn to a good book before bed. This is also the reason I once found my mother in law wearing sunglasses in the living room late at night!

Avoid Sleeping Pills

Many people who have problems with insomnia turn to sleeping pills. Although they may help you shut off, the long-term effects are much more negative.

The Great British Sleep Study found that those who used sleeping pills were almost 50% more likely to feel their sleep is out of control. They were also 85% more likely to feel helpless when getting to sleep. It’s much better to take a natural approach.



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