Not Thinking About Making Focal Points In Your Home? Here’s Why You Should Be!

If you’re a creative type, you’ll know that a house is so much more than just a set of bricks and mortar. It takes a lot of effort to make a house a home. But that feeling of knowing you’ve aced your interiors is incomparable! Designing a home that truly reflects you ensures a long and happy life in your property. But with the recent interior trends all being – well, pretty much the same – how do we add a unique touch to our home without overdoing it? We might want to stray slightly from the usual path of monochrome walls with an accent of rose gold (it’s everywhere at the moment!) but don’t want to go as far as painting the whole room magenta. In this scenario, the best thing you can do is to create a focal point for each room that draws the eye in without being overbearing. Take a look at these ideas for beautiful focal points that will transform your home.


If you’re blessed with a stunning bay window, it would be a crime not to make the most of it! But even if you’re in an apartment block with a thin windowsill, there are still things you can do to draw attention to this part of a room. Firstly, having clean windows you can see right through is a must. So, if your’s are looking a little worse for wear, it might be time to get that sponge out! Display trinkets and plants on the windowsill to make it a little more interesting. Windows are especially great places for cactus gardens. Finally, make sure your windows are dressed beautifully. Blinds are a popular option these days, but you’ll make a much bigger impact with a set of beautiful full-length curtains.

Standout furniture

When you move into your first home, it’s pretty likely that all your furniture will be mismatched hand me downs from various members of your family. But once you’ve saved up enough to buy your own furniture, why not get one very special piece to be a centrepiece in one of your rooms? Choosing something that no one else will have gives your home a creative edge – and something retro always stands the test of time. Dealers such as Driscolls Antiques sell a lot of beautiful vintage furniture that will really stand out in a living room or dining room. Plus, when you buy something vintage, it can then be passed down to your family as an heirloom.


Fireplaces are a classic feature of many older houses, and more people are getting fancy modern ones installed now too. Decide which direction you are going to go in and what suits your home. An old grand fireplace can come up as good as new if it’s given a bit of TLC. But equally, if your style is more futuristic, a modern stone fireplace could be your answer. Fireplaces are such a great focal point to make the most of as they determine the design of the whole room. We place our coffee tables, chairs and sofas around the fireplace, so it’s the first thing people see when they walk in the room. Therefore, it may as well be something worth looking at!



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