Five Kitchen Must-Haves For Modern Foodies

If you are a keen cook or foodie, then the chances are that you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Whether it is putting together extravagant meals or whipping up a quick cake or cocktail. Though you will enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, it is easier if there are things to make your life easier. There are so many gadgets and appliances out on the market. Which ones are the most useful to have? I have put together a quick guide for the modern foodie. Hopefully, this will help you decide which you need in your kitchen.


If you are a modern foodie, then the chances are you will know what boodles and courgetti are. A healthy way to cook and eat at the moment is low carb. So being able to whip your spiralizer out and make some noodles out of veggies is a life saver. It is quick and easy to use too. It can also be used to make vegetable chips with as well, just use one of the other settings. So it is a fab addition to any kitchen. It can help when eating a gluten-free diet too.

Coffee Machine

Though you might like to hit up your favourite coffee shop for a latte, it can be nice and easy to make your own at home too. Perfect for entertaining, as well as having lazy weekend mornings. If you think that espresso is more your thing, then maybe look into espresso machines instead? Whatever helps with that boost of caffeine, right?

Silicone Bakeware

If you haven’t been using silicone bakeware, then where have you been? It makes baking cakes quick, easy and even a little healthier. There is no need to grease baking trays to make sure the cake comes out alright. As they are malleable, they can be pulled and pushed to make sure that your baking comes out easily. You can get silicone muffin trays, cake tins, loaf tins and sheet trays. No need for baking paper or buttering up a dish with these. They come in all sorts of colours too, so there will be some to match your kitchen.

Herb Scissors

Of course, you could use regular scissors or a knife to chop your herbs. But a pair of herb scissors will make the job even easier. It is like a regular pair of scissors but with four or five blades. You you can chop a whole bunch with one chop. Definitely worth getting and having in the kitchen drawer.

Strong Blender

These days, you can do so much more with a blender than make a smoothie. Certain brands can make soup when all you do is put raw vegetables in! You can make your own nut butter or nut milk too. So if you have a diet with allergies, they are a great option. They are also fab if you like to bake with alternative ingredients, as they grind up nuts and dates to make paste and flours.



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