Awesome Advice To Help You Pimp Your Home With An Orangery

Improving the look of your home is all about trying new things and making cool additions. Today, I want to reveal to you a great way that you can pimp your home. Forget about traditional extensions and get yourself a gorgeous orangery. They look magnificent and can really bring something extra to your property.

Want to know how to pimp your home with an orangery? Check out the advice down below:

Position & Size

When you construct an orangery, it’s very important to think about its positioning and size. The great thing about them is that they can be extended from your home. But, are you going to add one running alongside your house or extended out the back side? For me, orangeries always look better when extended out the back. This is purely because having one on the side can make a house look a bit too wide and chubby. When they’re extended backward, it just looks better and suits most homes better too. Plus, it becomes your little secret to wow guests with when they come over. From the from you have a normal home, but, walk through to the back and they’re greeted with a surprise orangery! The size of your orangery will depend on the size of your house. In most cases, it’s simply a extra room addition to your home. It wouldn’t be wise to have an orangery that’s too big or it will lose its visual appeal.

Orangery Interior Design

The interior design of your orangery is where things get serious. You want to create something that’s similar to your home and gives off relaxing vibes. The natural lighting you get is perfect for complimenting a light tiled floor. However, there are times where you want that light to be shut off, which paves the way for some luxury roller blinds that match the colour of your tiles. As for the walls, I’m a firm lover of having brick slips on at least one side. I think this gives the room a unique feel and design and will complement the floor nicely. They’re perfect for orangeries given the fact that they’re an extension of your home. So, some interior brickwork just enhances the feel and adds an element of class to the area.

Orangery Exterior Design

Personally, I think orangeries are most beautiful when they involve brickwork. Otherwise, they tend to look a lot like conservatories. My number one rule is to match the brickwork to that of your house – if you have brickwork on your main structure. Then, you have to think about the colour of your orangery. What colour should the window frames be? Again, look at the main structure of your home and see what colour the window frames are. You should try and match the exterior design of the orangery to your home to make it blend in better. The roof design is another iconic feature, and you should give it some attention. Personally, I like big glass ceilings as they let in the most natural light.

Add an orangery to your house if you want to make it more beautiful than ever before. You also get practical benefits too as it provides you with extra space!




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