Cant Find The Perfect Vanity? Consider These Options Instead!

A beautiful vanity is something that every woman should own. A place where you can sit and get ready each morning, pamper yourself and apply your products. It keeps your beauty stash neatly stored, and allows you to get ready without the stress of rummaging for things. If you currently get ready perched on the end of your bed or standing in front of a tiny bathroom mirror, it’s time to upgrade! Find a suitable space and turn it into your designated pamper/ getting ready spot. If you’re struggling to find something that’s exactly right, luckily there are plenty of options. Here’s how you can get the perfect vanity when you can’t find what you want in the shops.

Adapt a Desk

If you can’t find the ideal vanity, broaden your searches to desks too. Desks often have more drawers and storage than vanities so are actually a lot more practical. If you add a big mirror and a pretty stool, it won’t look like you’ve chosen something from the home office section. A few modifications are all you’ll need for most desks. For example, if it has castors on the bottom, take these off. If it comes with ugly drawer handles, these can be replaced with ones with a much more elegant design. This could be a good way to get a perfectly matching vanity to go with the rest of your bedroom furniture too. Most suites will have a desk in the range, but few will have a vanity. So if you’re looking for an exact match, this is the way to do it.

Upcycle an Old Piece

Keep an eye out on eBay, Craigslist, junk shops and even local Facebook groups. People often get rid of furniture items just because they look old and shabby. However, if they’re made from solid wood, it’s so easy to upcycle them. A bit of sanding, a new coat of paint and some new handles and legs can totally transform a piece for next to nothing. You could add soft close drawer slides to the drawers to make them close nicely and make the piece feel more luxurious. When you’re looking for the perfect vanity, pay no attention to the color or state of shabbiness. Providing it’s showing no signs of rot, water damage or pests any solid piece would make an excellent candidate for a makeover. This way you get a truly unique item too!

Have a Piece Custom Made

If you have a specific nook in your room that you want the vanity to fit in exactly, you could have a bespoke piece made. This is also handy if you want something very particular which you’re unable to ever find in the shops. Seek out the services of a carpenter or furniture maker and let them know what your vision is. This won’t be a cheap way to go about it, but if your budget is bigger, then this could be ideal.



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