Puppy Perfect Present

We have all heard of the saying, “A dog is for life, not just for Christmas,” but if you’re sure a puppy is for you, then you’ll need to know what to buy before he/she arrives.

Puppy Proof the house!

When your little one arrives, they are going to want to put everything in their mouth, just like a baby. So you need to make sure things like wires and cables are out of the way or covered. Also, any little bits and pieces that are on your tables, move them to a higher area they can’t reach or put them away in a draw. It might be annoying but its important to keep them safe!


Before buying their food, I would suggest speaking to the breeder first. Certain breeds eat different things, and you wouldn’t want to feed them something that gives them an upset tummy. So check, and ask what food is best for them to move onto once they are not in the ‘puppy stage’ anymore. Your breeder should know all of these details and its an important part of your job to keep them healthy.

Litter Mat

Think of buying a little mat so you can litter train your puppy. Some people like to get them used to going outside straight away, so a mat isn’t needed, but others prefer to start indoors, and then gradually move the mat outside. Some puppies don’t like doing their buisness outside and thats something you’ll have to teach them later.

Collar and Tag

This is wise get when you have your puppy, so if (God forbid) they run away, they will have a tag attached to their collar with their name, address, and number on. Most dogs are microchipped nowadays, but it is still a good idea to do this. 

Dog Beds And Houses

There are many different styles of dog beds and dog houses on the market, so you have a big selection to choose from. From round to square, to even car shape dog beds and homes, you can really get fun with it. But your puppy’s comfort is the most important thing, so do your research, and make sure you pick the right size for your dog! There are lots of really pretty ones out there now, there’s sure to be one that will provide comfort for your dog without ruining your aesthethic.


You need to get something for your puppy to play with otherwise it’ll get bored and decide to chew on your sofa instead. All dogs like different things so try and get a variety of toys. A ball, something that squeaks, something you can pull at, and something soft too just in case your puppy is a cuddler. Playing with your dog is a great way to bond so its always a good idea to get plenty of things you can play with together.

Lead and Harness

I always like a harness on a dog instead of just a lead around its neck; it takes the pressure off if they pull when walking, they’re less likely to slip out of it and theres less danger involved should your dog ever get into too much mischief. A harness is a lot more comfortable for your puppy as it will support them nicely. Be sure to measure them so you get the perfect fit or it can be uncomfortable and even painful or dengerous. 


Most of all, make sure you give your puppy the most love in the world. They may be a little scared and disorientated at first, so stay with them in a quiet, cosy room so they can settle in peacefully and get to know their surroundings. As long as they know you’re there, and will look after them forever, you’ll have the happiest little puppy in the world.


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