If I Was a Rich Girl: Awesome Features I’d Love To Have In My Home

If you had a lot of money to spend, what kind of features would you love to add to your home? If you browse Pinterest, Instagram, and home blogs on a regular basis, you’ve probably made a mental note of all of these things. You know… just in case you happen to win the lottery or anything! If I happen to come into a lot of money in the future, here are just a few of the features my dream house would have.

A Swimming Pool

Swimming pools aren’t a common feature in UK homes, although they do still exist in wealthier neighbourhoods. Providing it was well heated, it could be used in all weathers. As well swimming laps in your very own pool being a fun way to exercise, you could throw amazing pool parties in the summer. It would be a great way to make use of the space in a large garden!

A Grand Staircase

A grand staircase in the middle of a large hall makes for a showstopping first impression in a home. It would be especially nice at this time of year, can you imagine how incredible it would look with Christmas lights and evergreens wrapped around the hand rail? There are a tonne of swoon-worthy staircases for you to feast your eyes on online!

Enormous Windows

Can you imagine the amount of light huge windows like this would let in? Giant windows look beautiful; they make a property look incredibly high end and your house would never feel dull or drab. Of course, you’d probably spend an arm and a leg finding suitable window treatments for them, but it would be so worth it! It might be difficult to add these as a renovation to an existing property due to possibly affecting load bearing walls. But if you were in a position where you were having your own house built it’s something you could discuss with the architect. More people than ever are able to build their own properties these days, a site like My Build Estimate can help to show you what kind of price you’d be looking to pay. Believe it or not, it can work out cheaper than buying an existing property

An Awesome Open Plan Kitchen

A huge open plan kitchen with an island and all of the fitted high-end appliances is the stuff of dreams. Modern entertaining has changed a lot in the last few decades and homes have adapted to reflect that. For example, in the past kitchens tended to be smaller and enclosed with an emphasis on larger living and dining spaces. This was so any mess and ‘behind the scenes’ could be closed away from guests and reflects a much more formal entertaining style. These days things tend to be more casual, with the host entertaining right from the kitchen and guests even pitching in and helping. Either way, a large and open kitchen makes for a gorgeous space to spend time in general.



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