Selecting The Right Jewellery For Any Occasion

Do you find it difficult to know what type of jewelry goes with what type of outfit? I know I do. Or what jewellery you should wear to a certain occasion? Me to! Then why not read on for a little guide that will help you always pick the right item whatever situation you are in.


It’s a good idea to have a stock of simple everyday jewelry pieces. They don’t have to be massively expensive, just stylish. You can get handmade silver jewellery at They can contain mineral stones instead of precious ones too, as that will help keep the cost down.

Probably 5-7 necklaces, rings, pairs of earrings and bracelets would be enough. Then you can change them every day for some variety. It sort of works like capsule wardrobe but for your jewelry collection.

Of course, you don’t have to buy all the items in one go. In fact, it’s really nice if you end up asking for certain pieces to commemorate a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary.  Then your jewellery is not only pretty and functional but also has as sentimental meaning too.


Wearing jewellery to work is something that is hard to get right. You would think that you should wear subtle pieces that don’t make too much of a statement, but that isn’t always the case. In fact, it is more about where you work than what you taste in jewellery is.

For example, if you work in catering or food preparation you won’t be able to wear much jewellery at all. This is because of the danger of it falling into someone food. Most factories actually have metal detectors in case this happens. They also pick up any blue plasters that have come off as well. As they have metal in them too, just for this purpose!


If things are pretty casual like just chilling in my PJs at home, I tend to just wear a watch or my everyday jewelry. Although it’s important to remove jewelry from time to time, to let the skin breath underneath.

If you have particularly sensitive skin it is essential, because exposure to costume pieces can cause skin irritation and a rash. Some people’s skin even goes a greeny colour, this is due to the nickel in jewellery items. So try and stay away from anything that contains it,  if at all possible.


Formal jewellery is a bit of different matter. That is because it’s the time when you can really get the big guns out and either display you most striking, or expensive pieces.

Drop earrings with precious stones like diamonds and emeralds are a good choice for a formal dinner party or dance. As is a simple solitaire necklace, which can look great with a party top. Diamond or crystal tennis bracelets can also look stunning along with a long evening gown. Don’t forget a large solitaire ring too. This can actually be all you need to accessorise a striking dress.

If you are going to a very formal occasion like a ball, then jewellery ornate necklaces and chokers may also be appropriate.



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