How To Keep Your Home Warm This Winter

Isn’t one of the worst things in life feeling absolutely freezing? It’s especially worse if it’s in your own home as you don’t even have the mental image of it all being okay once you’re inside the comfort of your home.

There are the luxuries that we all wish we could in our homes, such as swimming pools and a grand staircase, but then there are the necessities that we really should have. Warmth in our homes is an absolute given, yet so many of us are left shivering during the winter thanks to energy prices skyrocketing in recent years.

If you’re feeling the cold this winter and dreading returning home for that very same reason then try these simple tips for warming up under your own roof.


  1. Stop the draft

One of the reasons your house might be so cold is that you’re letting the draft in. Keep the heat in by ensuring you close all your doors and make sure that you have curtains around every window if you can. They aren’t just there to look pretty you know… They are fantastic at keeping the heat in and blocking the draft (side note: during the summer it’s best to use blinds as this can mean you’re far too hot when the weather is warm). If you don’t have the money to go and buy curtains to fit around every window then create some makeshift ones using blankets, covers or even towels. It’s not about your home looking stylish right now, it’s about keeping warm.

2. Get the boiler checked

If you have the heating on and yet you still feel stupidly cold, you might find that your boiler is broken and therefore that’s the reason behind your home being bitterly cold. Call the professionals out to come look at your home as you might find you’re in dire need of a boiler replacement.

3. Insulation is key

This is something you might want to start thinking about saving towards if you can’t afford it right now. Everyone knows that heat rises and so you need to make sure your attic is insulated so that you’re not losing out on that crucial warmth. Your bills will be so much more cheaper in the long run, so it’s worth paying out to begin with.

4. Candles are your saviour

You probably don’t actually think of these as sources of heat, do you? They look lovely flickering away with the lights off and of course, these things smell amazingly good. But there’s more to candles than how pretty they make your home look. They will add more warmth to your home than you’d imagine and of course, you’ll save on electricity as you won’t need to have so many lights on. Just make sure you’re using candles safely and don’t go to sleep or leave the house with them burning.

  1. Get your cook on

This is definitely a case of killing two birds with one stone Actually, make that three. Cooking is a great way to warm up your home, but you’ll also find that you’re enjoying yourself and so you’ll be distracted from how cold it is… plus you’ll have a lovely warm meal to eat afterwards. This was my sure fire way to warm up in the flat I recently moved out of, and I’ve leave the oven door open once I was done in the hope that it might help heat everywhere up.



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