Save Money; Buy Hassle – Corners You Shouldn’t With Your Home Decor

You want the look, but you’ve not got the money.


It’s one of the most dispiriting aspects of renovating or decorating your home. You know what you want – the glossy magazine, Instagram-worthy rooms that make everything look amazing. You want the latest decor pieces, to follow trends and change your style with the season.


Of course, the reality is that your bank account can’t sustain it. Almost no one’s can; instead, we tend to have to buy items and then use them until we wear them out.


If you can’t let go of the dream of the perfect interior, there are many other areas you might decide to save money on. It’s an easy trap to fall into when you are focused on the aesthetic; you forget everything else in the desire to get your home the way you want it to be. And in some ways, it works. If you can substitute in cheaper pieces, then what’s the harm? We’re not all made of money!


Sadly, the harm comes in the usage of these items and the problems they might bring. By all means, make an effort to save on your interior design costs and still find a way to find a look that suits you. But if you’re going to cut corners, below are the areas where you need to learn to take the bend. If you scrimp on any of the below, you’ll pay for it in other ways – so find the savings elsewhere and make sure you invest in…


… The Beds For Your Pets

I would extend this to scratching posts if you have cats, also.


The temptation to buy cheap pet furniture is a big one, especially with it so frequently on sale. And – let’s face it – it’s not an item that you use, so you’re not fully aware of the consequences of a lesser-quality item.


You will be aware of it when it falls apart or into poor repair, though. If you have a cat and their scratching post can’t handle its use, then their next step is going to be to try your sofa for size. If you have dogs, their beds need to be comfortable rather than rigid plastic bought for the price tag more than their comfort. As an animal lover, try and make sure you extend them the courtesy of an area all of their own that is warm, comfortable and as good as you can afford for it to be.


… Your Bedding


I say “bedding” rather than bed because the frame itself is an area you can make savings on without compromising quality. It might be a little trickier to put together a cheaper bed, but the result can be great for a lower price than you might expect.


With bedding, however, that’s not the case. First, your sheets should be good quality due to the high number of washes that they are going to go through. You don’t want to have to repurchase every month because they are falling apart from frequent washing. And that’s a concern before I even mention comfort – who wants scratchy sheets?


Talking of comfort, when it comes to your mattress, it’s worth consulting a memory foam mattress guide to get the best one you can. They may be a little more expensive, but they will last and last rather than going lumpy and uncomfortable in the space of four weeks.


…  Your Mirror

Finally, the last one I wanted to focus on one that is a little surprising. After all, a mirror is essentially just a reflective surface – can they really be that different from one another?

We all know the old saying that if you break a mirror, then it’s seven years bad luck. Even if you don’t believe that, breaking a mirror is not a fun experience. They splinter horribly, with little shards scattering around a huge area. You can vacuum as much as you want, but due to their fine nature, some shards will escape your cleaning. You’ll forget about it until you step on one six weeks later.


Cheaper mirrors tend to be thinner. They may also be looser in their frames due to poorer manufacturing techniques. They may look the same on the outside, but if they’re smashed, then they will splinter into thousands of pieces. More expensive mirrors are thicker and more robust; if they break it will be into clean pieces rather than little shards. They are also less likely to break due to their thickness, so they’re worth it on every level.



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