And just like that, the festive season is upon us. If you’re well into your Christmas break and you’re already feeling a little bit on edge, you might want to think about planning for some activities. Although it’s great to spend time with your other half, friends and family, you get a lot of time off at this period of the year, and it’s a shame to see it go to waste. So, instead of letting the days go by, wishing that you’d make some fun plans or go out and do something new, take a look at these ideas for inspiration and get the preparations in order today.


Plan A Day Out


It can often seem like the only people that plan days out are elderly people or families, especially when there are young children. But, that doesn’t have to be the case. You can plan a day out with your other half or friends and still have a very good time. The trick it to go somewhere different, somewhere you’ve never been before, like on one of the Jack the Ripper Tours. That way, you’ll get to learn and experience something new, and enjoy your time away from work.


Have A Duvet Day


Or, alternatively, you could decide to stay in altogether. Just because you’re staying in the house and ‘doing nothing’, it doesn’t mean that you actually have to stay in the house and do nothing. Instead, you can purposely put on your pajamas, drag your duvet downstairs onto the sofa and watch your favorite film. Or, you can make an entire day out of it (preparing for it in advance, of course, and stocking up on snacks) and have a movie marathon.


Make A Plan Of Action


You could even decide to kickstart the next twelve months and come up with fresh ideas for the New Year. They don’t have to be resolutions, and they certainly don’t have to focus on your health if that’s not where your interests lie. They could cover your home or your career, or even your love life. Whatever you decide, once you get started, you’ll feel refreshed, like you have a new sense of purpose, and ready for the New Year to start.




If you work hard, you might even plan to play hard during your time off. If you’re like is usually chaotic, and you’re often jumping from place to place, you might want to do exactly the opposite with your time off. Why not plan to indulge in your favorite pastime this Christmas? Whether you love to read, play sports or even crochet, all you need to do is make the time and get stuck in.


Get Active


And finally, as much as you might be tempted to spend your entire Christmas break doing a whole of idleness, you might want to think about. Winter fitness is just as important as staying fit and active in the summer – if not more. So you could think about planning in a few days to hike or swim or go out on a bike ride, just to break up your time and get outdoors.


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