Many of us have bathroom problems. Not those bathroom problems – get your mind out of the sewer. The bathroom problems we’re talking about here are the ones with the actual room. We shouldn’t have to settle for a bathroom that we don’t particularly like – especially not when there are plenty of cost effective solutions that can make it a little better. Here are some tips to help you improve certain aspects of your bathroom.

The Storage

For many of us, we use the bathroom for storage almost as much as we use it for bathing. We keep all our spare linen in the closet in the bathroom along with towels, bath toys, laundry that’s in the process of drying, laundry that’s already dried, spare toiletries – and the list goes on. Make sure that you keep a hamper in there for dirty laundry discarded after showers, and that your shelves are carefully ordered and labelled so your family knows where to put things away. You don’t want to have sole responsibility for tidying your bathroom!

The Lighting

Of all the rooms in your house, good lighting in the bathroom is maybe the most important. If you don’t have much natural sunlight that comes in through the window – and who does during this time of year? – and you want to replicate it, then you could go for bespoke lighting, which could recreate the same effect inside. If you do your makeup in the bathroom, it’s even more crucial to make sure that there’s good lighting – after all, you don’t want to leave the house looking streaky and orange and unblended! Try to get lighting as close to outdoor natural light as possible.

The Atmosphere

Ideally, you want your bathroom to be a serene place, full of zen and stillness and quietness so that you can use it as a room to relax in. Other members of your family may create some less fragrant aromas in there, so make sure that you have a candle in your favourite scent along with some good quality soap that won’t dry out your hands and maybe a reed diffuser. Make sure that the walls are painted in a calming colour like pale blue or light grey. If you want to relax, a colour like red or purple isn’t great for the bathroom. Sure, it might be womblike, but they’re also colours of fire and passion, and if you’re taking a long hot bath or shower to help you sleep, they might end up having the opposite effect! Try to extend the hand of luxury to yourself in your bathroom – get good quality towels. If possible, get different coloured towels for everyone in your family so no one gets mixed up and uses someone else’s.

The Use Of It

If your whole family uses the same bathroom, it’s a good idea to have a rota in place so every night and morning runs as smoothly as possible. Make sure you have multiple bathmats so it doesn’t get soggy from multiple wet feet and unpleasant to use.



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