How I’m Getting Organised For 2017

Happy New Year! Now that 2017 is here, I want to be more organised and really get on track to be ambitious and reach for my goals, and I know that in order to do so, I really need to get more organised. I’m a very messy, unorganised person. I usually have one notebook to hold blog ideas, video ideas, song ideas, story ideas and poetry, and anything else I write is on pieces of paper and napkins scattered around my house or notebooks with two pages written on even though I’ve owned it since the age of seven.

But, anyone can change and grow and thats exactly what I intend to do. Its for this reason that the first page of my bullet journal, which you can see below, is filled with goals for the new year. Some of them are simple things like finishing watching The X-Files, and some of them are bigger things that I need to really dedicate myself, like waking up earlier and eating healthier. Either way, these are all things that I will make sure I have completed by the end of the year and I think looking at them daily every time I open my planner will be great motivation to really push myself to be my best.img_5137

In the next picture you can see my ‘title page’ for the month. I spent an astonishingly long time drawing this but the end result is something I’m really proud of and happy with so hopefully that’ll put some good vibes into the first month of 2017 for me, god knows I need them.


Now, the interesting part, right? The way I actually plan! You can see from the pictures that I use the simple method of writing out the days important tasks with a little square next to them so I can check them off as I go and feel like I’ve actually achieved something that day.You also get a sneak peak at how often you can expect me to be posting on here and on my youtube channel – you’ll be seeing a lot of me.img_5139

I love decorating certain pages of my planner, like the title pages and goals pages, but I like to keep the pages I use for actually planning my life really simple, the only colour is from me lightly shading the date of each day and the only variety for fonts is that weekends are in all caps to represent my excitement for the weekend, even though I work from home and am self employed so really weekends are the same as every other day for me (sunday morning is everyday for all i care…any nirvana fans reading?!).img_5140

Over all so far, I’ve found writing in and using my planner to be really fun and productive for me. I like the flexibility of being able to doodle and mind map and go all out faux artiste on parts while keeping other parts fully functional and I love the freedom of being able to pretty much do my own thing while still having plenty of amazing bullet journals to look at for inspiration.

There are, of course, other parts to my bullet journal, such as my daily habit tracker, but those are things I will show you later on rather than making one huge, giant monster of a post about it all. Are you planning on using a bullet journal this year or are you using an alternative sort of planning?



3 thoughts on “How I’m Getting Organised For 2017

  1. This is just the cutest thing! I’m actually going to start doing the same thing, thanks to you! I’ve been looking for new ways to stay organized and I think this is incredible. Thank you so so much.


  2. I’m a bullet journalist as well! I’m getting into it more and more now. I float between keeping it simple or jazzing it up. I just like to draw and doodle which sometimes can be epic fails! Haha, I’m learning to embrace the chaos of it all though! Which is weird since it’s making me more organized!


    1. I always WANT to draw and doodle but I know I suck and if it doesn’t look good I won’t want to use it any more, so I reign myself in a lot. Your doodles and drawings are amazing though! I love seeing them on instagram 🙂


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