The Importance of Rest and Relaxation- And How You Can Get More!

Chances are you’ve had plenty of rest and relaxation over the festive season. For me, there’s nothing better than those blurry ‘in between’ days after Christmas and before the new year-  where chocolate is a perfectly acceptable breakfast, and you can really enjoy the lie-ins and lazy days! But it doesn’t mean to say that now we’re back to normality that relaxation should be overlooked. With the chaos of back to work or school and regular daily life being back in full swing, it’s incredibly important to make time for yourself. That way you can stay productive well into the year, and avoid burning out. Here are just a few of the ways you can relax more.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Spa-Like Sanctuary

A hot bath or shower is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. It can clear your head, lower your blood pressure, ease sore and knotted muscles and warm you up. But it’s never going to be quite so relaxing when you’re in a grotty bathroom! Make sure everywhere is cleaned and decluttered, investing in decent storage for your products. If you own your home, you could consider having a full makeover- new tiles and flooring will instantly add a spa-like luxury. A roll top bath or something like a Dilusso shower cubicle will finish the look perfectly. If like me you’re renting, just switching out your accessories can make all the difference. Add a new shower curtain or screen, a bath mat and some huge soft fluffy towels! Adding some scented candles too will help to set the ambience.

Make Your Bedroom All About Sleep

Does your bedroom currently resemble a technology shop? A big tv, computer, speakers, little led lights on all of your equipment blinking on and off? When you don’t have loads of spare room in your home it makes sense to double up rooms, and many of us have bedrooms that are also our home office. But if it’s at all possible, try moving this elsewhere. The lights on technology can affect our melatonin levels which can actually prevent you from falling asleep. At the very least, make sure everything is completely switched off and not on standby each night when you go to bed. Having a general declutter can also help, being surrounded by mess isn’t a relaxing way to either wake up or go to sleep! Finally, it goes without saying that a good bed will result in the best night’s sleep possible. You could upgrade your bed and mattress, or if funds are tighter go with a mattress topper instead. Pillows and duvets should be replaced every few years; new ones will make your room and bed feel really fresh and comfortable.

Create a Comfy Seating Area To Chill Out

Using your bed as a chill-out area is a surprisingly bad move. It’s much better to just use it to sleep, that way when you get into bed your brain associates it with going to sleep. Spending too much time relaxing on it can even prevent you from drifting off when you do want to wind down for the night. Instead, create a comfy seating area in your home that you can use to chill out on in the evenings and weekends. Whether it’s to listen to a meditation app, watch tv or Netflix or read a book, a comfy sofa or chair is your best bet. You could save up and purchase something, or even keep an eye on classified websites. People often get rid of things for cheap or give them away for free when they upgrade or switch to another style.



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