Things I’m Grateful for.

I used to find it very difficult to think of things that I was grateful for, partially because I was very, very depressed, and partially because at the time I had very little to really be grateful for outside of obvious things like having somewhere to live and having family. At the end of 2016, a lot changed for me so I’m emerging into 2017 feeling more positive and more grateful than I ever have before, so I wanted to share a list of those things that I’m most grateful for, in no specific order.

  1. My Family. My brother and my mum specifically because I have no idea how I would have been able to move and settle into my new house without them, and their continued support in every aspect in life really gives me courage and motivation to reach for my goals.
  2. My boyfriend. Richard is amazing. I don’t even know where I would be today without him. We celebrated our third anniversary together back in November and it really made me think about how much he has improved my life and helped me to flourish and grow. I know I don’t show him often enough how thankful I am to have him in my life and I’m definitely going to work on that in the new year!
  3. Having a nice house. I kind of loved my flat but I also kind of hated it. It still feels unreal that we’ve actually managed to move into a house, but we have! Its got 3 bedrooms, an amazing view and, sure, its not perfect, but its mine and I love it more than I can even describe.
  4. Kind of a silly one I know, but I’m incredibly grateful for my cats. They know me so well and I love them so, so much. They’re the first cats I’ve ever had that actually sit with me and I absolutely adore spending time with them. They have such intricate personalities that I’ve never experienced with other cats and I basically love them like other people love their children.
  5. Managing to see another year. As someone who’s had suicidal thoughts since the age of twelve, I never thought I’d still be around in 2017. I’m turning 20 this year, an age I never thought I would get to and I’m so incredibly grateful to have been able to welcome in the new year in a place that I love with the people that I love.
  6. My dad. My dad passed away in April of 2015 but I still think of him often and I’m forever grateful for everything I learnt from him that made me into the stronger person I am today. I’m also grateful to have had him as a dad, even if it wasn’t for as long as I would have liked.

So, they’re the things I’m grateful for this year so far and just in general! I’d love to hear about some of the things you’re grateful for in the comments.




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