How to feel better while you’re ill

I’m really ill right now, and its very horrible, so I thought I should write a post for anyone else who is in this situation and isn’t sure how to feel a bit better. Obviously I have no medical experience and can’t tell you how to actually get better, but these things definitely make me feel a bit less rubbish.

I know it’s kind of cliche, but chicken soup is exactly what you need. If you’re northern and live near your mum, you might want to get her to bring you some scouse instead, thats what I’ve done, but if you can’t get that then chicken soup is your next best choice to warm up your insides and force your body into recovery.

If you’re anything like me (AKA a fourteen year old girl at heart), some teen trash movies are exactly what you need. Netflix recently added a bunch of these films and I would totally recommend Camp Bloodbath, The DUFF and The Bratz movie because that 2000’s fashion is kind of hilarious, especially when I remember how hard I tried to dress like that.

For some real advice, stay hydrated and make sure you eat even if you have no appetite. Plenty of water and nutritious foods (like chicken soup) are exactly what you need to get better and I know how gross eating can be when you really don’t feel like it, but it is important to keep your body as healthy as you can.

I don’t know if this is just mum advice, but its what my mum always tells me to do and at this point I’m pretty sure she actually has the secrets to the universe so I trust it. Wear a jumper and socks. Even if you’re too hot, you need to ‘sweat it out’ according to my mum and to do this you HAVE to wear socks. I’m not sure why but its still what I do when I’m ill and I’m still alive so I’m going to carry on doing it.

Advice from me instead of my mum now, try not to nap after 5PM. I know its hard when you’re sleepy and I’ve been absolutely terrible at sticking to this but theres nothing worse than sleeping all day and not being able to sleep when you actually go to bed. Napping on the couch also makes you even more achy than you already are and your muscles will still be painful when you go to bed and it will make you want to cry. Or maybe thats just me.

If you have any tips on how to feel better please, please share them because I genuinely feel awful right now and I’m more than ready to be able to breathe through my nose again.



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