An Instagram Update!

I did a couple of these last year and really, really enjoyed them so I’ve decided to attempt to do them weekly for 2017! I think that it’s just really nice to give a bit more insight into an instagram picture than just a quick caption and its a nice way for me to be able to look back in the coming years and remember more of what I was up to at that time. Without further ado, lets get into it!

I’ve been ill for most of this week so of course I had to capture a super attractive selfie. I don’t enjoy being ill at all but I have to admit its been quite nice to snuggle up in blankets and watch a lot of TV, if you ignore how wretched I felt while doing so!


This picture is from New Years Eve and it’s the view I got of Birkenhead! It was amazing seeing what seemed like hundreds of fireworks going off so far away I couldn’t even hear them and it was lovely to watch it and welcome in the new year with Rich by my side and a drink in my hand.

If you’ve ever watched any of my youtube videos you’ll know that I absolutely adore conspiracy theories so of course I couldn’t resist picking up a magazine all about them and reading through it with Rich in Starbucks. We were drinking eggnog latte’s, which we delicious, while picking at our cinnamon swirls and it was a lovely little date!

This was on the second of January, the same day we had our Starbucks-and-conspiracy-theories date and its definitely one of my favourite outfits. The skirt is from New Look, the T-shirt is a vintage one (that I paid a ridiculous amount of customs on) from Seattle and the shirt is a thrifted one my mum got for me. The lovely view you’re seeing is what I get to see every time I walk to the train station!

I need to tell you about this cat. I have no idea who he belongs to but I see him every time I go to the train station and he’s huge and fluffy and too friendly for his own good. I would quiet happily steal him, he’s just the most adorable little ball of love and I’ve missed my train more than once because I’ve just sat down on the floor to spend time with him, and I don’t regret it at all.


I absolutely adore the show Californication so of course, the second I finished watching it, I had to buy the book that made Hank Moody so famous. And I had to take this terrible grungey picture of it. I have a lot of opinions on this book and if you want to read them, come back tomorrow when I’ll be posting a review of it!

To finish this post off, I just want to share the christmas dinner I made this year! It was definitely the best yet and me and Rich both thoroughly enjoyed it despite both of us definitely eating too much. I’m just starting to get my appetite back now that I’m getting over this damn flu thing and I wish I could eat this again right now.



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